Race Against Time – Numerous new releases

GR logoThere’s a racing against time, which is obvious more than ever in our time. We tend to do things fast and not carefully and there’s not enough time to deal with all of them every day. As days go by, we can see that things are changing around us with great speed and we can barely catch up with them.
Let’s talk about music… every week so many albums are released and it’s impossible to listen to them all. I’m not talking only about the new releases by the major labels, but for all the releases, by the middle and small labels up to the independent ones. So much music, so little time to listen to it. And the downside of that is that some (let’s say a few – it doesn’t make any difference), won’t be heard by a big audience and they won’t be getting any credits at all. Some bands will give up after that and some others will be put on ice, cuz they will face the cold truth; that no matter how good your music is, if you do not have a good PR label behind you and money to spend on promotion and touring, then your album will only reach a very limited group of people.
This thing has been happening for years, but now that the digital music has taken over the world, things are tougher than ever. Yeap, you can promote your music more easily and with less money, but it doesn’t matter cuz the music target is limited. There are upsides and downsides to that as well. The thing is that it’s a pity not to have the chance to listen to a new great album, due to the numerous releases that are out every month and the poor promotion.
PS1: 2020 has begun dynamically with many good and great releases in general Let’s hope things will turn out to be even better in the next months.
PS2: This month’s editorial is dedicated to the late Ric Ocasek, who was the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and songwriter for The Cars. Ric was also a record producer and a painter. In 2018, Ocasek was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Cars! Ric passed away at the age of 75, in September 2019. His music legacy will live on forever. Thx for the music Ric! Rest in Peace…