Do we actually need band comebacks…

GR logoI’ve written about the band reunions a couple of years ago (read it here) and after a while we all witnessed so many comebacks even from bands that some have really forgotten all about them.
A while ago Rage Against The Machine announces their second reunion for a tour in 2020, but who knows what will follow. The fans, the music labels, the promoters and almost everyone in the music scene know that RATM still have a big impact on the fans the older ones (who used to be young on the band’s prime) and to the young ones, who see it as their own chance to experience RATM on the whole.
Surely their live shows will be successful and most of them “sold out”, and as soon as they see that they still have an impact on the rock fans, they will probably take it to the next level, with a new single and video, and then a new album and so on, and all that under a major label. Music is fine but the money are sweeter for those who are in the music industry.
Anyhow, the thing here is why do we need old bands, who have call it a day to comeback so as to feel joy? Don’t we have enough bands to listen to and to follow nowadays? Don’t we have “big names” in the music scene? Some say that we do… so what’s all the buzz about a band that decided to reunite? They had their moment in time, they took advantage more than they deserved and they call it a day. Why do we need a band to reunite whenever thinks that it’s time to get some more money over the name that they mad 20 or 30 years ago? And what about the new bands… is this fair for them? Of course we welcome every band back and we will be content to see them live on stage, but that’s all… the new bands that keep the music alive should get all the fans’ attention and support. The old ones have given all they got, once they have the chance. No it’s time to support these bands that are keeping the rock/metal flame alive and carry the music heritage of the older ones… till they pass it to the younger generation and so on. This is how things work out. We honor the old bands for what they offered to our beloved music and we keep on supporting the new ones (who deserved it obviously), so as to keep rock & metal music alive for the year to come.
PS1: It’s a different thing to have call it a day from the music business and to comeback, than to be “active”, but not releasing albums or to tour so often, like a band/artist used to do years ago.
PS2: Unfortunately bass player Timi “Grabber” Hansen (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate) passed away a few days ago, at the age of 61. Timi was there along with Kind Diamond since the early Mercyful Fate days and they went all the way together. Thx for the music… Rest In Peace…