Different music eras & diverse music criteria…

GR logoI’m gonna say some things about the ratings of the album reviews and the perfect scores or the close to perfect scores in a brief way, cuz the specific theme has been fully analyzed on an editorial that was written back in 2015 (check it out here).
It’s so common to see newcomers, less known, just known or big bands score high ratings in all magazines and webzines around the world. Hordes of perfect scores and high ratings that make you wonder how many “classic albums” are released each month?! According to the majority of the web press (and the printed one) they are so many that the word “classic” has lost its very essence nowadays.
But why’s that? Is there a pattern to rate an album? No, as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Then again, how many albums can be compared to “Painkiller” or “Somewhere in Time” (the same goes for “Seventh Son”) and the list goes on. I’m referring to the actual “classic albums” that marked heavy metal music (or rock music from bands such as Deep Purple, Rainbow and so on) and presented something innovative that ended up influencing thousands of bands and musicians after a while.
Hence, do you think that there are so many groundbreaking releases nowadays that deserve to score perfect ratings? No way… it’s just that the criteria have changed over the course of time and the ratings represent the “now” part of the music, without carrying originality or memorability at all. If an album pleases us now that we listen to it then we go on and give it a high rating. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t care less for many of those so called “perfect albums” that ended up being forgotten after a while and the bands that released them never made it big or offered anything significant to the rock and metal genre at all. As the title of this editorial proposes… different music eras and diverse music criteria!
PS1: So many great festivals to attend globally and surely one of the biggest among them is Sweden Rock Festival. This is gonna be a hot rockin’ Summer!

PS2: The Model Spotlight of this month is the sexy Serena Fox. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: Regrettably, the keyboardist & guitarist Paul Raymond (UFO, Savoy Brown, MSG) died from a heart attack on April 13th, 2019, at the age of 73. At the time of his death, UFO had just started, as they state, their final world tour. Thx for the music Paul… Rest in Peace…