David A Saylor

Hi David… always great talking to you dude. It seems that you’ve wasted no time at all and your new album is out almost a year since your previous one. How did that occur?
D: Hi mate, well yes, I’ve been in writing mode since I’ve started my solo CDs back in 2013, so, I’m pleased the songs have kept coming, haha. I’m already writing for my next CD 2017.
Hence, what does “Ship to Nowhere” declare?

David A Saylor - Ship to Nowhere

David A Saylor is back in almost a year after “Built 2 Fight” with his new album “Ship to Nowhere”. Apart from an amazing vocalist, David is also a fruitful songwriter and a dedicated AOR devotee. His love and devotion to AOR music is undeniable and he tries to show it in every possible way he can and every so often.

Christopher Cross - Secret Ladder on September 12th 2014

Christopher Cross, the multi-Grammy award winning singer songwriter and global performer, will be releasing new studio album “Secret Ladder” on September 12th, 2014 on earMUSIC. Cross made music history in 1980 with his self-titled debut album, which won five Grammy Awards, including—for the first time ever—the four most prestigious awards: Record of the Year (for the single “Sailing”), Album of the Year, Song of the Year (also for “Sailing”), and Best New Artist.

David A. Saylor

Hey David… here we are again talking about your new album. You’re a hard-working musician nonetheless. How fast time passes huh?!
D: Hi Thanos, Yes mate, I’ve been busy finishing my new CD “Strength of One”. I was lucky really because I had some good songs left over from my “Kiss of Judas” CD, so I was able to put together another project so quickly.
Two years after “City of Angels” and you’re back with a new album! What gave you the inspiration and the boost to record and release a new album?

Darkhorse - Let It Ride

Turning back time in the 90s, I remember the anguish of the hair metal fans when the singer of legendary band Danger Danger, Ted Poley, left the band and was replaced by Paul Laine. Fortunately Laine proved to be a worthy replacement and rose to the occasion and the New York hard rockers released some pretty good albums with him.

Surrender - Better Later Than Never

This is something that we (the fans) all needed! No, don’t be confused, this is not the new album of Surrender but rather a re-release of their highly-acclaimed, self-produced, self-titled album which was released back in 1991, with the addition of three bonus tracks that never made it to the first album. The good news here is not only that we finally have one hell of an album in our hands, but that no fan will be in the dilemma of paying a huge amount of money in order to get the debut album.

Miss Anderson - digital single out now

One of the most talked about Country singles of the summer is ironically not from a band out of the USA but from of all places Sweden! Miss Anderson is a Swedish rock band with influences that range from 70s and 80s rock, American west coast rock and contemporary American country music. The music is inspired by artists such as Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, the Eagles, Journey and Bon Jovi, and is described as “a rock sound spiced with country, storytelling and with straight and honest lyrics”.