Ajaton release first single “Neon Choke”

“Neon Choke” is the 1st release of the Finnish super-producer Ajaton. Super-thrilling and dark cyberpunk song for all the punkers of shady streets and dark neon lights.

“Neon Choke” is glitchy, dark, electronic, industrial and aggressive song wrapped in the form of synthwave and 80’s techno.

Listen to “Neon Choke” below. Stream it on Spotify.

Arcadea - Arcadea

Arcadea might have not been given the time of day if not for them featuring Mastodon’s drummer Brann Dailor. Think of it’s a synth heavy version of a tamer Mastodon with shorter but also denser songs, heavy on modulation and autotune. Granted it does sound “different” than most things out there, but that’s not necessarily a good thing...

Arcadea to release self-titled debut album on June 16th 2017

Hailing from the fringes of the cosmos, Arcadea, will make their arrival known in 2017 with a debut, self-titled album due out on June 16th, 2017.

Today, the synth/psych band has announced they have inked a deal with Relapse Records to release the record.

Pre-orders and new music will be announced in the coming weeks.

Stream Arcadea’s previously released song “Gas Giant” below.