sludge rock

Zolle to release new studio album “Macello” on April 3rd 2020

Coming on April 3rd, on Subsound Records, “Macello” the brand new upcoming full length album by Italy’s Heavy Rock / Sludge duo Zolle, is a nutty piece of loudness, blending a Torche-like sound and rousing stadium dynamics à la AC/DC.

The fourth record of the Italian duo Zolle symbolizes the human condition of living in ambivalence, contradiction and paradox - It’s certainly a convivial record, but it’s also a bit poisoned and sometimes it simply makes you dream.

Atala to release new studio album “The Bearer of Light” on May 21st 2019

West Coast desert doom trio Atala will release their “The Bearer of Light” full-length via Salt Of The Earth Records on May 21st, 2019.
Returning to their DIY ethos, the seven-track desert voyage was captured and self-produced in just five days at Gatos Trail in Joshua Tree with engineer Jeff Thomas. “It’s a true roller coaster of emotions: sad, angry, confused, lost... but, you can’t help but feel hope as you follow the journey”, notes founding guitarist Kyle Stratton.

Lungbutter to release debut full-length album “Honey” on May 31st 2019

Montréal trio Lungbutter serves up an exhilarating and relentless barrage of astringent noise-punk, at times refracted variously through sludge rock and slowcore.

Kaity Zozula’s tri-amped guitar squall occupies a huge tonal space from low-end bass to paint-peeling treble, redolent of blown-out Melvins/Flipper fuzz and indebted to the frenetic dissonance of Keiji Haino or Merzbow.

Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters announce debut full-length album “Come & Chutney” on July 13th 2018

British psychedelic power trio Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters have announced their debut album “Come & Chutney” will be released via Riff Rock Records on July 13th, 2018.

Pre-orders are now available via Riff Rock Records here.

Ahead of the album release the band are streaming their single “Cojones Feos”, listen to the new single below.

Doublestone to release new studio album “Devil’s Own” on May 5th 2017

Ripple Music is thrilled to announce the signing of Danish retro rockers Doublestone and with it the release of their new brand new studio album, “Devil’s Own/Djævlens Egn” on May 5th, 2017.
Originally formed as a duo in 2011 in Copenhagen by long time friends Michael James Bruun and Bo Blond Daugaard, Doublestone later became the power-trio they are today with the arrival of Bo's bass playing cousin, Kristian Blond Møller.

Nudist to release new studio album “Bury My Innocence” on March 20th 2017

Italian Post Sludgers Nudist wil release their new album “Bury My Innocence” on March 20th, 2017, via Argonauta Records in CD/DD.

The album was mixed and mastered by Eraldo Bernocchi.

Today the band reveals the cover artwork and first single from the new album.

The title track “Bury My Innocence” is available below.

Dealer - Billionaire Boys Club

Dealer (not a very original name huh?!) is a newcomer from Los Angeles, which was formed by vocalist & guitarist Kevin Klausen and moved to Oakland after a while. The band had several line-up changes till they got their final form, the one that recorded this debut.

White Light Cemetery

Hi Thomas and welcome to Grande Rock. Do tell us… how do you feel now that you’re back with a new album after almost 4 years?
T: Hi. It’s great to be here! I’d say we’re relieved first off, because it ended up taking a little longer to get it done that we anticipated. But, at the same time, it’s really got us motivated to get out there and work hard to promote it. Kind of lit a fire under our asses I guess.
What happened during those 4 years and why did it take you that long to release a new album?

White Light Cemetery - Careful What You Wish For

White Light Cemetery is a band that comes from Lafayette, Louisiana and they sure know how to rock. Having released their debut back in 2013, it took them around 4 years to come up with their sophomore release. Now the band is under a new label and they want to take advantage of every little thing they can… I guess the album title “Careful What You Wish For” is relevant to that. Along comes the track “Quit Work, Make Music”, which says it all. A motto that all “genuine” musicians should follow!

Nudist signs to Argonauta Records

Argonauta Records is thrilled to announce that they have inked a deal with Italian Post-Sludgers Nudist; their new album “Bury the Innocence” will be released on March 20th, 2017.

The project Nudist born in 2008 as a Noise Instrumental Power Trio and two self-produced albums: “Nudist” and “Appetizer for Monsters”. After line-up changes, Gabo and France have found in Lore a worthy travel companion. From there they started an evolution, still in place, of style and sound. With the inclusion of vocals, their third album “See The Light Beyond the Spiral” (2015) have resulted in sounds ranging from post-metal, sludge and post-hardcore.