Tenacious D - Rize of the Fenix

I still remember the hilarious movie called “The Pick of Destiny” back in the day. It was odd, bizarre, sarcastic, satirical and funny… specially made for metalheards or rockers that live in their own music world. Jack and Kyle are like us the fans… they love to rock, like to party and mostly, they fancy to listen to rock/metal music all day long. Tenacious D are standing… somewhere near Steel Panther… not so sex maniacs & pussy worshipers as their fellows in SP… but still not far away from the rock & roll philosophy. If you do not like Steel Panther then you’re not gonna stand the D for a minute and vice versa…

Steel Panther - Feel the Steel

I think that 20 years in the making is a very long time period… but was it worth the wait? Sure it did! Now I just can’t get over it… it’s simply amazingly dirty and sexy. Yes, ladies and gents I’m talking about Steel Panther (aka Danger Kitty, Metal Shop, Metal Skool) and “Feel the Steel” that after 20 whole years is finally out! The “Hole Patrol” that was unofficially released in 2003 by Metal Skool had surprise us all back then… but we wanted the main menu and the years were passin’ by and nothing happened till… now.