Tygers Of Pan Tang - Ritual

The good ole Tygers Of Pan Tang are still roaring, with their newest album “Ritual” dropping in late 2019. In a year that a lot of older bands came up with some pretty good albums (Angel Witch, Diamond Head, The Rods come to mind), the Tygers are also coming up with the goods, with an album that sits well with the rest of the canon and pretty much cements Jacopo Meille’s era, as the genuine heir of the bands rich 80s legacy.

The Goners to release debut album “Good Mourning” on March 13th 2020

Swedish quintet The Goners have set to release their debut album “Good Mourning” on March 13th, 2020, via RidingEasy Records. 

Listen to the lead single “World of Decay” below.

The Goners feature former Salem’s Pot vocalist/guitarist Nate Gone and former members of Swedish rock band Yvonne. Don’t make a big deal about it.

This is something new:


Hi there; how did Tanith come about, both as a concept but also as a band, Russ is a Brit and the rest of the band American? Common friends – chance meeting?

Screamer - Highway of Heroes

These Swedes are celebrating a decade of existence this year, by releasing their fifth outing. Sounding like a less refined version of Enforcer and Ambush, they have a penchant for writing that straightforward, samey, simplistic metal that’s easy to enjoy, but hard to appreciate for more than the cheap thrill it is. The main issue other than the somewhat flat songs, is Andreas Wikström, the singer, who is not terrible, but is a far cry from being great.

Tanith - In Another Time

Initially I didn’t know what to make of Tanith’s offering. I do like Russ Tippins’s guitar playing, both in the bands he’s been in (ie Satan and Pariah), as well as his solo material… his solo gigs in fact are rather “different” and not as metal and that might in part have given birth to a band like Tanith. With his metal output directed into Satan’s albums, it seems that Tanith is a vehicle for “everything else”.

Screamer to release new studio album “Highway of Heroes” on October 11th 2019

“Caught in Lies” is the new single from Screamer’s upcoming album “Highway of Heroes”. The single is out today on digital platforms. Screamer never strays far from the proven sound of roaring guitars and pounding drums that works equally well in the war pit in front of stage as when blasting through your stereo.

War Cloud to release new studio album “State of Shock” on September 27th 2019

Erupting out of Oakland, California in 2014, War Cloud has left a smoking path across much of the USA over the past five years. Formed by guitarist/vocalist Alex Wein after firmly planting his amps in the Bay Area, he unified a crew with Joaquin Ridgell on drums, Taylor Roach on bass, and most recently Nick Burks on guitar (also of Kentucky rockers, Stonecutters).

Satan’s Empire sign with Dissonance Productions and announce new album “Hail the Empire”

NWOBHM underground Metallers Satan’s Empire sign to Dissonance and release their second album “Hail the Empire” in October this year.
Drummer Magpie had this to say:
“Really happy to sign with the UK’s premier metal label and we really think we will deliver the album we really think we are capable of. We have been working hard on the songs and pre production and are really looking forward to working with Steve Grimmett at his Samurai Studios”.


Hi Jimmy… congratulations on your great sophomore effort. “Pyramid of Terror” has been chosen as the Best Album of the Month on Grande Rock!
J: Thank you very much!
Firstly the band went through some line-up changes. What prompted those and was locality a main factor in your decision about new members?