Steve Von Till to release new solo album “A Deep Voiceless Wilderness” on April 30th 2021

Steve Von Till has made a life’s work out of seeking the elemental. With a solo discography that stretches back more than two decades, he has toiled in a shadow realm, peeling back layers of reality in a never-ending search for true meaning and raw emotion.

Listener announces March 2018 European & UK Tour

Listener have finished their new, fourth album. And everyone knows how time goes by, waiting for something.

So that this not too long, the three guys from Kansas publish a series of four different 7inch in advance. Two of them appear on Black Basset, a fine label from Belgium and two on Sounds of Subterrania. These are limited to 500 for Europe and 500 for America.

Being Empty: Being Filled Vol. 3” will be released today on November 17th, 2017, at Sounds of Subterrania.

And why not seize the opportunity right now and announce the dates for the European tour next year? Here you can see the dates presented by Visions.

Wilko Johnson to play at the Royal Albert Hall on September 26th 2017

2017 is certainly a special year for Wilko Johnson. Not only does it mark the 30th anniversary of the Wilko Johnson Band, but this year sees the guitarist celebrating his 70th birthday, which he celebrates with a concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 26th September 2017.

Given the events of recent years, this celebration at the Royal Albert Hall is all the more meaningful: here is the death-defying Wilko Johnson leading his own party with partners in crime Norman Watt-Roy (bass), Dylan Howe (drums), family, friends and special guests.

Demian Clav - Adrift

I want to start by saying that, if I were a record company, I am not sure if I would send an album like “Adrift” to be evaluated on a site called Grande Rock. Then again, no specific site comes to mind which would be more suitable for that sort of music.

Bob Dylan - Tempest

A new Bob Dylan album is always hailed with anticipation and lots of praise. Despite his 71 years, Bob is still around making albums and giving live shows. I totally like that thing, but we should also keep in mind that a legendary artist such as Dylan must know how to protect himself and when to step down. No one can argue that Dylan is and will always be considered as the father of “poetic rock”. His early works have already become classics so I do not think that he needs to prove anything anymore. But what’s the point in going on further especially when there’s nothing left to offer? Going on after that certain point can only ruin some of your “untouchable” personality and music.