Mac Sabbath announces Summer & Fall 2019 US Cheese Tour 2019

Fast food-themed Black Sabbath parody kings Mac Sabbath are announcing their cheesiest tour yet! The band has been hungry to announce their latest plans, and today, are serving up some tasty tour news - Mac Sabbath will head out with the world’s only “Nedal” band, Okilly Dokilly, and oddball openers Playboy Manbaby on the American Cheese Tour!

Sunn ■]]] - Sirupus Aurantii Corticis

Sunn ■]]], are kinda remind me of Sun 0))) (!!), or σανό/sano (hay in English), but what’s the case here anyway? Sunn ■]]] should not be related to Sun 0))). How great a pick for a name. But what about the music? Is it also sorta identical to Sun 0)))? Well, they may be on the same genre, drone/doom/noise/shit whatever you like, but Sunn ■]]] are even worse than Sun 0)))!! Honestly, you must be really gifted to achieve such a goal! Hurray!