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Blade Killer release visualizer video for new single “Midnight Sinner”

The up-and-coming traditional metal quintet Blade Killer – recently hailed by their hometown LA Weekly as Los Angeles' “best new old-school metal band” – has unveiled a second track from their highly anticipated full-length debut, “High Risk,” due out on November 23rd, 2018, via M-Theory Audio.

A visualizer video for the song “Midnight Sinner” can be seen below.

Toledo Steel - No Quarter

Fans of compact and “nitrogenous” mid-tempo traditional heavy metal which touches heavily on classic mythology/science-fiction/all-around metal mayhem narrative themes in a similarly accessible and enthralling manner as Ambush, Bullet, Sacred Leather or Substratum owe it to themselves to zero in on Toledo Steel’s long overdue yet powerfully redemptive full-length debut aptly titled “No Quarter”, which, in comparison, essentially makes the Bournemouth/Southampton quartet’s past triptych of innocuous, partial productions - a three-track demo and two beefier EPs – look like child’s play.

Ross The Boss - By Blood Sworn

Ross “The Boss” Friedman is joined by Marc Lopes on vocals and keyboard, with Lance Barnewold smashing the drums and Mike LePond setting the bass ablaze. Luckily they all lived close by so the album was created organically. Starting with Ross and Mike playing around with some tunes and riffs, then forming the songs around them. Ross drives the direction of the song writing, but lets the songs form naturally and fits his legendary guitar skills around them.

Accept announce November 2018 Rise of Chaos Festivals

The flagship of German Heavy Metal, Accept, are very pleased to announce the “Rise of Chaos Festivals 2018” for the very first time.

The events will take place in Germany. After the big success of their latest album “The Rise of Chaos”, Accept will be playing three “festivals” under the same name.

As a platform for interesting, young and dynamic bands, these festivals will be established as a recurring event over the next few years, they will be presented by Continental Concerts to offer a live spectacle to all fans of Heavy Metal.

Witchtower / Blackslash - A Tribute to Randy

What a boon! The primary bands responsible for ceremoniously rocking my brain pan this summer – one, with its fantastic third full-length released in May, the other, thanks to a devastatingly festive and engaging 2014 titular debut – boast of a highly novel and collaborative split CD released in April under Iron Shield Records, Blackslash’s choice label (as well as Germanic deliverer of metal goods ranging from Axevyper to Revenge), and lemme tell ya, it’s freakin’ awesome!


Hi Alec, thank you for joining us here at Grande Rock; it is a pleasure!
A: Hi! Thanks for the interview.
Firstly, what exactly inspired you to found Blackslash, and how did the rather cool name come about? Does the band’s moniker have any deeper connotations or does it just simply sound good?

Blackslash - Lightning Strikes Again

“We rise from the Earth to the Sun
Solar winds take us far and beyond
Still, I remember so long ago
Down below, the days were long, the nights were cold
There was no love, there was no life
It was a long way to go but now we’re back up again
We came from the old, the darkness into the light
And so we rally, commanding the night to shine again!”
Oho! Guess who’s just majestically round the bend with a veritable “new wave of traditional heavy metal” masterpiece, which assiduously rocks out to stratospheric heights surpassing my wildest expectations while literally making me tremble in sheer, unadulterated awe.

Lucifer’s Hammer - Time is Death

Borrowing its rather ambiguous and suggestive moniker from the classic Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle sci-fi novel is Santiago, Chile’s Lucifer’s Hammer, a most faithful and un-presumptuous traditional heavy metal trio (elevated from a duo), which last month released a shockingly tight, compact and melodic sophomore, “Time is Death”, following comprehensively rocking offerings in the form of an EP, full-length debut and garage-days like cassette demo dating back to 2013.