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Nervosa announces new band line up

Brazilian thrash metal institution Nervosa have announced their new band line-up! After a long and vigorous audition process, Prika Amaral – creator, founding member and guitarist of the band – is thrilled to announce that vocalist Diva Satanica (Bloodhunter), bassist Mia Wallace (Abbath & Triumph Of Death), and drummer Eleni Nota (Mask Of Prospero and Croque Madame) have all joined the force that is Nervosa!

Evil Scarecrow announces new line up and Fall 2020 UK Headlining Tour

Evil Scarecrow is delighted to present the new line up following the sad news that Brother Pain and Princess Luxury are to depart the band.

Joining existing members Dr. Rabid Hell (vocals and guitars), Kraven Morrdeth (bass) and Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist (drums) will be Count Gravedïga (guitars) and Alice Babylon (keys).

Leatherwolf reveal new line-up and stream new song “The Henchmen”

Long running Orange County, CA metal institution, Leatherwolf, have announced a new line-up, comprising drummer Dean Roberts, guitarist Geoff Gayer, and bassist Paul Carman, all of whom featured on the band’s classic “Leatherwolf” (‘87) and “Street Ready” (‘89) releases, guitarist Rob Math and introducing new frontman, Keith Adamiak.

Entrails announce new guitarist Marcus Brorsson and drummer Freddy Ortscheid

Swedish death metallers Entrails are announcing the departure of singer/bassist Tommy and drummer Martin from the band. Both have chosen to leave Entrails to have more time for their jobs and other bands.

The remaining members, Jimmy and Penki, didn’t waste any time and have recruited new members to make sure not to miss any shows and keep the Entrails train rolling! The new maniacs in the band are Freddy Ortscheid on drums and Marcus Brorsson on guitars and backing vocals.

Sodom announces new band line-up

While rumours are still flying thick and fast in the media, Tom Angelripper has already announced the new line-up of his band Sodom: Husky (Asphyx, Desaster) is set to man the drum kit, Frank Blackfire (ex-Sodom, ex-Kreator, Frank Blackfire, Assassin) and Yorck Segatz (Beyondition) have been enlisted on guitars.

Sodom have already released seminal albums such as “Persecution Mania”, the live cut “Mortal Way of Live” and the highly successful “Agent Orange” with Frank Blackfire. As he had hinted at the beginning of the year, Tom has opted for a line-up featuring two guitarists, an absolute novelty for Sodom.

Agent change their name to Temples On Mars - debut album out in 2018

Temples On Mars are a London based eclectic rock band formed of ex-members of Agent, Starseed and The Spindle Sect.

Featuring James Donaldson on guitar/vocals, Gerald Gill on guitar, Daz Carikas on bass guitar and Dean Gibb on drums, Temples On Mars are about to present tunes in 2018 that are out of this world.

Temples on Mars are here to present an accessible, progressive rock sound to Planet Earth and they are here to stay.

James Donaldson says this about the relaunch of this new project:

Tattooed Millionaires announce new lineup, new album and live dates for 2017

Minnie-Apple Records and Tapes recording artist Tattooed Millionaires (ASCAP) announce new lineup, new album and tour for 2017.

Tattooed Millionaires is an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2004. Led by front man and founder Johnny Jetson, TM has gone through numerous controversies since its formation. They have toured internationally in support of 3 studio albums and received critical acclaim and dubious notoriety.

Recently relocated to Minneapolis the band is currently releasing new material and appearing regionally in support of bands E'nuff Z'nuff (Chicago/March 18) and L.A. Guns (Detroit/July 1).