Sangre de Muerdago announces Spring 2017 European Tour

Acclaimed Spanish dark folk group Sangre de Muerdago, who recently announced the vinyl release of their new EP “Os Segredos da Raposa Vermella” via Neuropa Records, have just confirmed a string of live dates across Europe to celebrate the band's tenth anniversary.

The band will be performing throughout Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic and will be supported by Canadian folk/classical guitarist Nathanael Larochette on all dates. Check out a full tour itinerary below.

Weh to release “Ingenmannsland” on December 4th 2015

Winter is imminent and it's time to calm down with dark folk music from Norway!

The new Weh album “Ingenmannsland” will be released on December 4th 2015 via Soulseller Records on digipack CD and digitally.
Sole member Erik E presents new wonderful acoustic tunes that will make you daydream and plunge into darkness!
“Ingenmannsland” shares the dark lyrical themes with earlier releases, but differs from them by a somewhat colder sound while aspects of war are flowing through the album.

1. Intethet
2. The Second Sight
3. Old Stars Of The North

King Dude - Songs of Flesh & Blood – In the Key of Light

King Dude is the music project of TJ Cowgill who also has Tosten Larson and August Johnson by his side. Even though King Dude has been here since 2006, this is the first time that I listen to an album of his thoroughly. It’s true that the band’s music is a bit weird, like its name and the cover art.
Were I to describe King Dude’s music in a few words, I would say it’s gothic rock, darkwave, acoustic & atmospheric with neo-folk and electronic bits. Lyrically, the album has a poetic touch and deals with themes that are dark and somber. The production is clear and smooth. Generally, there’s a moody atmosphere which permeates the whole album.

Moss of Moonlight - Winterwheel on June 21st 2013

Formed in the summer of 2010 in the heart of Cascadia, “Winterwheel” is the second offering from blackened folk metal duo Moss of Moonlight and will be released this summer solstice on June 21st, 2013.
Described as “a true rarity in the black metal genre” by Pure Gain Audio, “Winterwheel” follows the highly acclaimed debut “Seed”, a concept album about a band of Pacific North Western rebels that rise up and create the Republic of Cascadia.

Amphi Festival Open Air 2013

On 20th & 21st July the ninth Amphi Festival starts off with more than 40 acts on three stages at the beautiful Tanzbrunnen Cologne. Headliners, legends, cult acts and newcomers, they all find their place in this year´s festival line up, ready to be celebrated, commemorated and discovered! With VNV NATION, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, ALIEN SEX FIEND, AGONOIZE, LETZTE INSTANZ, ROME, DR. MARK BENECKE and many others there is a piece for every taste from heavy electronic music to talks about forensic science! Roughly two months before the festival we would like to address some important matters.
Saturday Tickets Sold Out:

Wardruna - Runaljod – Yggdrasil on March 15th 2013

Wardruna are excited to announce that the new album “Runaljod – Yggdrasil” will be released by Indie Recordings March 15th in Norway, March 25th in Europe and April 2nd in North America. Today they reveal the cover art and track list on the upcoming album.
“The cover artwork and design is like on the previous album masterly done by Øivind who handles most visual art for Wardruna”Kvitrafn
1. Rotlaust tre fell

Nechochwen - O+O

Nechochwen with their third work, as they claim, they focus on the guidance our ancestors bring to us in modern times. “O+O” is being released as an LP by their label… but with the running time at 31 minutes… I could call it more of an EP. The band itself considers this album as a “double EP” with two sides… the acoustic, mellower one and the extreme & black other. I cannot tell what “double EP” means… but I’m sure that an album less than 35 minutes it’s called EP.

Nechochwen - new album out July 31st

Bindrune Recordings will release NECHOCHWEN's new masterpiece "OtO" on vinyl LP July 31st. The rest is best left to the members of NECHOCHWEN themselves.
The members of Nechochwen are proud to have our newest material released by Bindrune Recordings in the form of an LP titled "Oto". Where previous releases have been rooted in the historic and ancient past, Oto focuses on the guidance our ancestors bring to us in modern times. The album title could be called "Ancestor" in English.