neo-medieval folk

Tanzwut to release new studio album “Seemannsgarn” on June 7th 2019

Tanzwut will release their new album “Seemannsgarn” on June 7th, 2019, via AFM Records.

With their new album, Tanzwut spin fantastic stories out of delicately woven “Seemannsgarn” (sailor’s yarn). An exciting journey into the world of fantasy, poets, musicians, artists and puppeteers. Teufel and his band carry off into a world of fiction and reality and provides a vibrant setting for all the different shades of the told stories.

Saltatio Mortis to release “Licht und Schatten - Best Of 2000-2014” on July 17th 2016

Over 15 years, 10 albums (with two of them on pole position of the German album charts) and about 1000 concerts later: Saltatio Mortis are proud to present their best of album “Licht und Schatten – Best Of 2000-2014” and unveil cover artwork, release date & track listing today.
Like minstrels in their hearts, Saltatio Mortis have opened up to entirely new horizons and have created their very own genre with the special trademarks they've become known best for: snappy, contemporary poetry encounters medieval rock, folk, punk and even electronic music.

Blackmore’s Night - First single “The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)” is out now

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the digital release of the first single from BLACKMORE’S NIGHT new album “Dancer and the Moon” entitled “The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)”. This beautiful new song is “Based on an old folk Czech melody which Candice and I thought were very melodic and haunting” says Ritchie Blackmore. “We adapted and arranged to suit more of a rock structure. We also played it as a ballad as it was originally intended. We asked several of our Czech friends what it was called but they couldn’t tell us, so it remains a mystery”.