mouse on the keys announces Spring 2017 European Tour with Mutiny On The Bounty

Following the release of their new record “Out of Body”, which came out at the start of 2017 via Topshelf Records, Japan's mouse on the keys have announced an 11 date EU/UK tour with Mutiny On The Bounty.

European Tour Dates 2017:
28.04 - Rotondes - Luxembourg (LUX)
29.04 - KulturA - Liège (BEL)
30.04 - Patterns - Brighton (UK)
01.05 - Rich Mix - London (UK)
03.05 - Cairo - Würzburg (GER)
05.05 - Vera - Copenhagen (DK)
06.05 - Molotow - Hamburg (GER)
08.05 - Underdogs Ballroom - Prague (CZ)
09.05 - Kantine am Berghain - Berlin (GER)
11.05 - Grammatikoff - Duisburg (GER)

Iamthemorning - Lighthouse

Iamthemorning is a Russian duo, formed in 2010. Since then the duo has released two full-length albums, “~” (2012) and “Belighted” (2014), with “Lighthouse” being their new and third in a row full-length release. On the new album the duo is presenting a different approach and they do not fear to experiment & improvise with piano, keys, and strings along with the “ethereal” voice of Marjana Semkina. Pianist & keyboardist Gleb Kolyadin is one of those virtuosos, who think that music always comes first and they do not tend to show-off whenever they can; instead they try to serve music and he does so with his wonderful orchestrations as well.

Impellitteri - Venom

The amazing Chris Impellitteri, is once again back with a new album, again with Rob Rock, handling the vocals (which is a guarantee, for some kick ass performances) and a concrete rhythm section with John Dette (ex-Testament, Slayer etc.) behind the drumset, relentlessly torturing the skins and James Pulli hammering away on bass, to keep up with all the metal madness, ensuing, from the other fine gentlemen.

Magic Kingdom to release “Savage Requiem” on March 20th 2015

Belgian guitarist Dushan Petrossi is not only the driving force behind AFM Records signed Iron Mask; He is also the mastermind of power symphonic speed metal band Magic Kingdom.

Actually it was Magic Kingdom who first received international success, in Europe, Asia and South America alike. Even though the band only looks back on three album releases (with the fourth, “Savage Requiem” to arrive on March 20th in the EU / April 14th in the US), these albums - especially the latter ones “Metallic Tragedy” and “Symphony of War” established them as one of the most successful bands of their genre.