Powerwolf start working on new studio album - due out in 2021

The high priests of heavy metal, Powerwolf, have announced work on a brand new studio album, to be released in 2021!

The band is currently getting ready for the release of their upcoming special album, “Best of the Blessed”, on July 3rd, 2020 via Napalm Records.

Guitarist Matthew Greywolf has just commented the exciting news as follows:

U.D.O. to release new studio album “We Are One” on July 17th 2020

Metal legend U.D.O. will release their new album “We Are One” on July 17th, 2020, which was written in collaboration with the official Concert Band of the German Armed Forces (Musikkorps der Bundeswehr) under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Christoph Scheibling and is a wholly unique worldwide musical project.

Dynazty - The Dark Delight

Dynazty have been slowly growing even though having come out with some pretty seminal albums in the past, especially the latter part of the last decade. Despite being pretty busy with Amaranthe, frontman and all around cool guy Nils Molin seems able to dedicate enough time to his original band. It’s nice to see that he’s not forgetting where he’s coming from.

Nightwish - Human. :II: Nature.

Nightwish might have begun like a Stratovarius clone with female operatic vocals, to turn into a theatrical pop entity, when Annette Ozlon joined and with their third vocalist change, they’ve turned into a pretty symphonic, theatrical and pop beast, mainly because of the vocal prowess of one Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever, Revamp), who now towers over behind the mic.

Primal Fear announces new studio album “Metal Commando” - due out in July 2020

Primal Fear recently finished the recording of their upcoming 13th studio album, set to be called “Metal Commando”.

The title of the album speaks for itself - “Metal Commando” is 110% Primal Fear and is full to the brim with power and energy. The album was produced by Mat Sinner and mixed by Jacob Hansen – an experienced dream team.

Dark Sarah to release new studio album “Grim” on July 17th 2020

Finnish cinematic metal icons Dark Sarah have officially signed a worldwide contract with Napalm Records! Over the course of eight years and three epically conceptualized albums, the band has proven their standing in the scene.

As a classically-educated opera singer and experimental performer, Heidi Parviainen (formerly of Amberian Dawn), created her alter ego with Dark Sarah and fascinates listeners with their talent for unique soundscapes in symbiosis with truly magical worlds.

Wolf - Feeding the Machine

If you thought that Germanic act Powerwolf were the first to pay tribute to the lupine archetype you may have another thing coming as Wolf, a Swedish band that’s been around since the mid-90s were releasing average to good albums, with pretty terrible covers since before the turn of the millennium at reasonable intervals, even managing to get a bit of a following.


Hello Tore. How did it feel to be back on stage and playing for the fans again after all these years ?
Tore: It simply felt fantastic to be back on stage and share the magic atmosphere with our fans! The shows have fueled us with a lot of energy, and we can’t wait to be back touring!
In retrospect, how was the response to the EP?