The Meier-Budjana Group announces October 2017 UK & European Tour

The Meier-Budjana Band is a group of superlative guitarists and accomplished musicians, corporately dedicated to creating music which exceeds stylistic and cultural bounds. True sonic explorers, in the most progressive jazz and beyond sense with distinctive ethnic bland of Middle-Eastern and South-East Asian flavors, theirs is a music which is both soulful and cerebral. Embracing a multitude of regional musical dialects from across the globe, MBB speaks in a profoundly unique, original voice – a voice bound by neither convention or preconception.
The band is co-chaired by Swiss-born and UK-based Nicolas Meier and Indonesian guitar icon of Balinese descent Dewa Budjana.

John 5 to release new studio album “Season of the Witch” on March 3rd 2017

World-renowned guitarist John 5 recently announced the release of his upcoming eighth full-length solo album, entitled “Season of the Witch”.

The fully-instrumental album, which features his band The Creatures (bassist Ian Ross and drummer Rodger Carter), is set to hit stores on March 3rd, 2017.

The album features experimentation with various genres - including western swing, Spanish flamenco, heavy metal and more - thoroughly showcasing John 5's diverse virtuosic abilities. Pre-orders will become available via iTunes in early February.

Nicolas Meier - Infinity

Nicolas Meier is a UK-based Swiss guitarist, who likes to blend various music styles together. Nicolas studied arranging with Max Jendly and Francis Boland before earning a scholarship to Berklee in Boston, USA and immersing himself in classic Amercian jazz (Parker, Coltrane, Miles etc.) and playing acoustic jazz and fusion. He graduated and returned to Switzerland in 1998. Later he had the chance to play alongside the legendary Jeff Beck on the Jeff Beck Band.

Stephen Duros

Hi Stephen… first of all, congrats on “AEAEA”. It’s a really intriguing and stimulating album on the whole.
S: Thank you so much! I appreciate your thoughts on the record.
Do tell us… how did you decide to deal with “Odyssey” on your new album and what’s the main thing that inspired you to write your own story?
S: The poem was inspiring, I wanted to carefully craft a story of my own that involved adventure, love, sadness, and all different kinds of emotions when listening.

Stephen Duros - AEAEA

Stephen Duros is a Greek-American flamenco guitarist. “AEAEA” is his new release (4th full-length), which deals with the mythological island, by the same name, found in the Greek poem “The Odyssey”. Stephen said that the album isn’t about that island per se but it’s mostly like a great starting point for his journey. I couldn’t have said it better! Stephen takes us on a long journey which consists of 12 chapters which are all connected together musically.

Ne Obliviscaris sign with Season of Mist

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of Australian progressive, extreme metal outfit NE OBLIVISCARIS! The band stand on their own by infusing their metal with western art music, jazz, and flamenco. With adventurous, progressive and nuanced compositions often exceeding ten minutes in length, NE OBLIVISCARIS add profound depth to a musical proficiency which reaches the highest levels.


Hi Mehran. I’m glad we have the chance to talk for your new album “Subrerranea”. It is really an original and state-of-the-art work.
M: Thanks very much and I appreciate the chance to get to talk to you about my new work.
Firstly, do tell us how you decided to form this project. When did it all start?

Mehran - Subrerranea

Mehran is an Iranian flamenco guitarist who currently lives & works in Chicago. He is already known worldwide after the release of his debut album, “Angels of Persepolis” in 2010. Now, after two years, he’s back with “Subrerranea” a concept album that’s filled with fantasy and fiction but has also got an underground social & political memo.

John 5 - God Told Me To

OMG! The “weirdo”, shredding supremo with possibly the widest taste for good music is BACK! After about half a dozen or so of albums, that pretty much followed a rather standardized formula, at least in terms of how they were structured, so as to accommodate J5’s need to do his bluegrass and bluesier stuff, along with the rock, he finally decided to drop the ball and let rip.