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Seeker give away free MP3 download of “Metal Rage” as tribute to the late singer Frankie D

The 80s Heavy Metal band, Seeker, is giving away a free MP3 download of their song “Metal Rage”, as a way to pay tribute to the band’s late singer Frankie D (Frank Dorizio), who was tragically killed on a Arizona highway this past March 4th, while working as a member of the state’s Department of Transportation.

“It’s never easy losing someone”, said Seeker guitarist Mick Michaels. “Frankie was such a dynamic personality… it just doesn’t seem real”.

Dokken to release new album “The Lost Songs: 1978-1981” on August 28th 2020

It wasn’t always multi-platinum sales and stadium gigs for Dokken. There was a first-phase and there were early days, and it is those bold first steps to stardom which are celebrated comprehensively on Dokken’s “The Lost Songs: 1978-1981” album, out on August 28th, 2020, through Silver Lining Music.  

Supreme Unbeing signs with EMP Label Group and announces debut album “Enter Reality”

Supreme Unbeing is a mysterious rock/metal band led by vocalist/prophet Zac Red, who acts as the physical form of our collective consciousness, the ambient quantum entanglement of our most personal thoughts. After observing the world for some 30 years, he has assembled his fellow prophets D. Vine, Unknown and Al Mytee to shed some light over our present existence through the medium of heavy riffs, astounding solos, and philosophically intriguing lyrics.

Burning Witches announce live acoustic studio jam on May 29th 2020

The witches still gather, even in times like these - and even without the possibility of enjoying “real” concerts. Burning Witches are taking the concert experience, like many other bands right now, to the next level. This Friday May 29th, the Swiss heavy metal heroines invite you to their “Corona Live Acoustic Jam from the Studio”.

Grave Digger - Fields of Blood

Well, the thing with Grave Digger is kinda complicated, but also simple at the same time. They’re a band that for the best part of their forty year career has stood their ground performing their Teutonic heavy metal (greatly influenced by Accept etc.). When they did stray – trying to go into commercial territory (ie during the Digger period), they did fail rather spectacularly, thus resuming in their heavy metal ways and not refraining that much ever after.

Caravellus signs worldwide deal with Rockshots Records

Brazilian progressive metallers Caravellus have inked a worldwide record deal with Rockshots Records for the release of their third album coming out later this year.

Featuring Dark Avenger’s guitarist Glauber Oliveira, Caravellus bring the technical sophistication of progressive metal while transcending the genre by writing amazing songs with masterful musicality.