Soen - Lotus

Almost two years after the release of “Lykaia”, Soen are back with their new release “Lotus” and a new guitarist, Cody Ford. The cooperation with Marcus Jidell (The Doomsday Kingdom, Avatarium, ex-Royal Hunt) didn’t last that long, but I guess parting ways is always for the best of both parts most of the times.

Soen to release new studio album “Lotus” on February 1st 2019

On February 1st, 2019, Swedish-based progressive metal group, Soen, will release their fourth album, “Lotus”, via Silver Lining Music with preorders available on November 16th.
Having spent the last six months digging deep into the muddy depths of their emotions, the nine songs comprising Soen’s “Lotus” are intoxicating, addictive aural therapies, questioning much of today’s darkness while juxtaposing them with moments of great escape and hope.


Hi Martin, it’s always fine talking to you dude. Your new album, “Lykaia”, is really magnificent! If I may say so, I think it’s your best work to date. Congrats!
M: Thank you and it’s a pleasure to be back.
First things first… do tell us, why did Kim leave the band and how did you decide that Marcus Jidell (The Doomsday Kingdom, Avatarium, ex-Royal Hunt) should be your new guitarist?

Soen - Lykaia

“Lykaia” is the new and third studio album by Soen, which marks a rather significant change for the band. Guitarist & producer Kim Platbarzdis is no longer with the band and he was replaced by guitarist (and producer too) Marcus Jidell (The Doomsday Kingdom, Avatarium, ex-Royal Hunt). Marcus is a great guitarist, producer & songwriter, so Soen have made a great choice in general. Let’s hope he sticks around with the guys and stay for many years.

Jason Becker launches crowdfunding campaign to record new solo album

Jason Becker is making a new studio album. You can check the IndieGoGo campaign here.

Jason has announced that he is planning to record a new album with new material, which it will feature well-known guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Trevor Rabin, Chris Broderick, Jeff Loomis, Gus G., Aleks Sever & Guthrie Govan among others.

In the video below Jason explains:


Hi Martin… I’m pleased we’re given the chance to chat about your second album “Tellurian”, which made it (like the first one) into our “Gems” category! I guess it ain’t a coincidence huh?!!
M: Hopefully not. We worked really hard since “Cognitive” to write a better record on all fields and judging by ourselves, our audience and the media, we succeeded.

Soen - Tellurian

Two years after the debut “Cognitive”, Soen pick up from where they left off, but with a different music perspective this time. First of all, the bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Sadus, Testament, Autopsy, Control Denied, Futures End etc.) is no longer part of the band and he was replaced by Stefan Stenberg.

Leviathan - Beholden to Nothing, Braver Since Then

Leviathan make their second studio attempt after their reformation and release of a live album as well in 2010, since their disbanding back before the turn of the millennium. Ever since their “re-formation” the band still continuing with their last known “line-up” has pretty much maintained their quite artistic and unique style, well known for its intricate and unusual choices of orchestration that tend to make them sound rather thin and not very metal but more akin to prog rock, yet they are also too heavy to be called that so I guess they’re stuck in the prog middle... or mean!


Hi Martin… I’m glad that I have the chance to talk with you about Soen’s debut album. We’ve put it in the “GEMS” category on Grande Rock!

M: Hey, we’re glad for the chance given. Great! It's an honor to fit in that category.


I’d like to start with the band’s background. Soen was formed back in 2005, by Martin & Kim but it started giving some signs of life after 5 years. What happened all these years? Did you work over some music or you just waited for the other 2 members to fill in the gaps?