Yngwie Malmsteen live in Orlando, Florida 2019

With a wall of Marshall Amplifiers covering the entire backstage at The Plaza Live in Orlando Florida, you knew that something special was in store for the fans that were able to get tickets for this concert. Only someone that resides in the pantheon of guitar gods would have such a stage set up. Indeed, one of the great guitar gods would be gracing the stage. Tonight, it would be none other than the maestro himself Yngwie Malmsteen.
Yngwie Malmsteen Florida Shows 2019 poster
With a career spanning some forty years, Yngwie Malmsteen has shown himself to be a true innovator of his craft. Marrying his obvious and prodigious talent to classical music he has created a neoclassical style that ushered in a wave of guitar shredding like no other. Everyone in attendance tonight would get to witness his brilliance firsthand.
Playing a huge nineteen song setlist that would span his career from his earliest days of “Rising Force”, to his latest release “Blue Lightning” there would be something that everyone of his fans would enjoy. He kicked the night off with “Rising Force” from his fourth release “Odyssey”. From the get-go, his playing was simply breathtaking. His absolute command of his instrument immediately drew the audience in and left everyone in utter awe. To think that this was just the first song and things were just getting warmed up; how intense could things possibly get? Throughout the night he prowled the stage, ever the showman; he dazzled the crowd with his fleet fingers playing impossible arpeggios and classical runs on his trademark scalloped neck Fender Stratocasters.
With a new album out, he had to showcase this latest effort by playing the title track “Blue Lightning”, which was an absolutely blazing number. Also represented was a fine cover of the Deep Purple songs “Smoke on the Water” and “Demons Eye”. As he continued the night, he would deftly drop kick his guitar pics out into the audience for the lucky fans that would snatch them up. At one point during one of his blistering fast runs, he was sustaining a single note so long that he looked at his wrist as if to be timing it with a watch.
When you go to see Yngwie Malmsteen it’s a given that you’ll see and hear some of the finest guitar work that’s ever been done, tonight he let his drummer Brian Wilson have the spotlight with an amazing drum solo. When Yngwie came out after the solo was finished, he launched into “You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget” an impossibly fast and technical song from his third album “Trilogy”. Of course, he played a huge fan favorite “Blackstar”, which is one of the songs that introduced Yngwie to his legions of fans. He finished out the night with “I’ll See the Light Tonight”.
Just like Yngwie Malmsteen’s playing, the night went amazingly fast and left everyone completely breathless. If he ever decides to come on tour nearby, grab a ticket to see one of the finest guitar gods to ever pick up an instrument. Not only will get to see some of the finest guitar work, but you will also see showmanship that is just as entertaining too.