Volbeat live in London 2019

Volbeat are a rock/metal/psychobilly band formed in the early 2000s in Copenhagen. Since then they’ve gone from strength to strength, and have just released their latest album, “Rewind, Replay, Rebound”. The O2 Brixton was the perfect setting, with its impressive old theatrical stage. Which added an immediate sense of grandeur.
Volbeat EU/UK Tour 2019 poster
Danko Jones started with a dark stage and flashing redlights. As the beat starts to ring out, the lights hit in as they enter the stage. They were met by raucous applause and fists raised in the air. The heavy beat pounds, and the bassist gets the crowd pumped and clapping along, as they introduce themselves. “This one goes out to all you who turned up early, aka you”!
They’re the perfect warm up act. With a high pace and catchy beat. Combined with their audience interaction, it wasn’t long before everyone was pumped and clapping and jumping along. They fill the large stage well, always dancing and moving about. Even if that did make it harder to get non blurry photos! “We’ll be down there with you for the rest of the show”.
They give off classic rock and metal vibes with a hint of country. The lights interchanged between red and the signature yellow, matching their logo on the backdrop behind them. Giving then a golden glowing halos. The instruments die down for a soulful solo. Then they crash back in, and the vocals change alongside, screaming above the crashing instruments. The crowd cheers up as the last note plays.
He then gets the crowd to sing-along to the next song. Their catchy beat flows effortlessly alongside the cheeky yet raw vocals. They keep the audience excited and high energy. The fiery colours fade, as blue lights flood thr stage for their last song. After they finish they thank the audience and throw at picks as a thank you.
Their multicolored backdrop and bright red drum kit created a great background, and made me hopeful for a colourful light displays later. The lights go down and the crowd cheers. Then purple spotlights flicker as a single eerie mystical note rings out and starts oscillating. Then Baroness finally hits the stage and bright white spotlights hit them. Their opening song was high energy and heavy rock. They mixed it up for the second song, playing a gentle ballad opening, slowly building into another heavy rocker.
The lighting didn’t disappoint. They flooded the room with the whole spectrum of colours. You can clearly see the passion and emotion behind their music. The only problem was the lyrics were hard to distinguish over the loud instruments.
The room fills out as the tempo increases, keeping everyone excited and pumped for Volbeat. They looked very striking in the changing lights. The lights then drop and darkness fills the room and silence rings out during the lull between songs.
Then purple lights fill the room as a very slow and emotive beat rings out. Forming an instrumental ballad. Eventually vocals join, adding to the emotive atmosphere. You could feel the passion and emotions behind it. They have a good balance between the upbeat rock anthems and the slow soulful tracks. They warmed up the crowd for Volbeat well, with their catchy heavy beats, dynamic performances and magical light shows.
The stage set up was impressive enough alone, with their large black and white backdrop and stylish drum set center stage. The anticipation in the crowd was fever-pitch during the set up and sound checks. As soon as the lights drop the crowd erupts with screams and whistling. But Volbeat don’t enter the stage straightaway. Teasing and building their fans excitement even further. Their fans chant their name and clap their hands, trying to drag them out on stage finally.
I love the atmosphere at gigs. Everyone us having fun and passionate about the music. Everyone jokes and laughs and sings together. Performers, staff and audience alike, and join together sings, dancing and clapping along.
A marching beat reigns out as the lights flash. They settle with a deep touquioseunder light with small flashes of burning orange. It was eerie and captivating. Switching to red lights, continuing the eerie vibe. The drummer starts the first song. They start all facing the back, facing towards the drummer as he began to play. Then they join in and spin around to face the audience, and split up and make use of the large stage. They were the true masters of dramatic suspense and big entrances. “My throats struggling so please sing along!”, he shouts out!
Volbeat fill the room with colourful lights and the sound of rock ‘n roll. Their catchy beats get you nodding along and tapping your feet. The extra lighting panel on the front of the stage played a variety of videos throughout their show, match each song.
They mix in a bit of country vibes and an acoustic guitar, wearing it on top of his electric guitar. The crowd claps along to the beat. The song went from country to heavy rock at the end. They had a guest star joining for one song, which added a new layer to their sound. Which re-energized the crowd. They finished on a dramatic crashing on the drums and flashing lights. And they finish as they started, with their backs to us.
Their next song was emotive and fast paced, with screaming vocals. They pause, and then a slow heavy beat starts to ring out. Changing up the tone from their usual fast and energetic songs. The next song was a heavy head banger and the tempo skyrockets. Red lights fill the room and the crowd starts to chant. He sings his heart out, taking center stage and a spot light hits him.
The final song starts with the drummers solo, highlighted by a spotlight. It continued the increase in pace and heaviness. The meld of blue and purple lights along with the video of stars, created a galaxy effect.
After they left the stage the lights went down, but their fans weren’t done yet and called for an encore. Then the lights started to flash and they re-entered the stage. The lights turn to red and they start facing the back again. Then as they start to play the lights turn to blue and green. They as all the instruments join in, so do all the colours. The song starts slowly; sounding like a slow and rhythmic battle ballad. It was very emotive and showed their passion for their music. It was impressive they were still killing it with full passion after an over hour long set.
“Thank you all, it has been an honour”! They finally end on their most famous song, getting the entire audience to join in and sing! “All the arseholes in the room…”! Ending on full punk attitude. They lineup at the front of the stage and headbanging in unison!
After the first three songs we were turned out the photo pit. I watched most of the set from the side lines, and then watched the last few songs from the VIP lounge, as it gave me a great view of the whole of the stage and the audience moshing down below. I haven’t listened to a lot of Volbeat before, but I really enjoyed the show and will have to check them out more! They have really impressive lighting displays, melding all the colours on the spectrum. They use the lighting to its full effect so it matches and enhances their music.