Skid Row live in Athens 2019

Having already seen Skid Row as headliners of the first day of Sweden Rock, I knew what a good fit, their newest singer ZP Threat (ex-Dragonforce, ex-Tank) was, despite at first being a little skeptical about his appointment. Now while, I had some firsthand experience with SR2019 beforehand, most people that went to the gig didn’t, but that didn’t stop almost double people, than those who came last time around, fill Kyttaro club to capacity, causing the gig so sellout, prematurely.
Skid Row Athens 2019 poster
Without a support band to get things going, despite an initial announcement that there would be (opening act-s), Skid Row came on stage at around 22.30 after a taped intro of the Ramone’s “Blitzkrieg Bop” had finished playing. Inside people were so tightly packed together that even attempting to go for a drink or to the restroom, would prove to be a monumental task. Either a larger venue or a few less tickets might have solved that.
Now as soon as the band came running onto the stage and started blasting out “Slave to the Grind” fast and loud, those people in the crowd erupted, with severe intensity into an all shouting all dancing party. “Sweet Little Sister” followed right up and boy, I came to the sad realization that my camera, I was trying to take photos with, wasn’t broken, but as a dumbass, I had forgotten to replace the memory card in it after SRF (so you’ll have to survive with some mobile photos)!
Scotti Hill seemed to be in a funky move as he edged on his side of the stage to “humorously” flip the bird to all the people around him during “Get the Fuck Out”. ZP was on fire and “Big Guns” got the show back on the rocking track! “18 and Life” was obviously quite the highlight and got everyone singing even louder than they were before… beautiful. “Piece of Me” was another tune from the debut, which was being celebrated with most of its tracks getting an airing… too bad that “Can’t Stand the Heartache” isn’t one of those. “Livin’ on a Chain Gang” did the one-two – moving on to the sophomore and managing to win the crowds’ approval, something that wasn’t quite the case when the band performed “Ghost” from “Thickskin”, a rather OK song that most people seemed to be unfamiliar with.
Rachel Bolan took the microphone to address the crowd and to sing “Psych Therapy”, a cover by the Ramones, a band the Skitz seem to be particularly fond of. “Monkey Business” got sandwiched between “I Remember You” and “Making a Mess” both culled from the debut.
Perhaps a song I didn’t enjoy Threat’s performance a hundred percent was the tamer “In a Darkened Room” that didn’t quite resonate as it should, but was pretty OK, but at least he gave his all for “Youth Gone Wild” that got both the young and the not so young anymore, carried away, shouting like crazy, with what little oxygen was left by that point in the club.
A really hot performance in more ways than one that would have been more enjoyable in a larger venue. With the band being as solid as they are at this point, a new appointment with them should be on the books, sooner rather than later…