Scarlet Rebels and Revival Black live in London 2020

Scarlet Rebels and Revival Black and are out and about the UK with their co-headliner “The Rising Tour”. Tonight, they are playing at the intimate, yet great The Black Heart in Camden, London. This time around is a late one, but oh boy what a gig! My mind is absolutely blown away from all the bands and the crowd is one of the best I’ve ever seen.
Scarlet Rebels and Revival Black London Show 2020 poster
First on stage to warm up everyone is Glasgow based band Anchor Lane. They came to the public’s attention with the release of their EP “New Beginning”. They toured incessantly and they have garnered an impressive reputation as a thrilling and dynamic live act and have notched up significant appearances at renowned festivals such as Download. Their debut album “Casino” was released on January 31st, so I would say that the night of the show was a special one!
The set starts with “Dead Run”, one of the songs co-written with Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders) and it’s an energetic kicking-ass song that puts everyone in the mood to keep rocking. Amongst the other songs, we got “Blood & Irony”, laid back, built on a repetitive groove that sounds rather contemporary before the vocals lead you to a peak and the first guitar solo kicks in. “Fame Shame” is nice and spiky follow up that looks at “modern society’s fascination with social media and reality television. The songs are great, and I think that the album will be one of the most consistent and impressive release of the year. The whole performance is bouncy but still has that rich soulful vein and a lot of that has to do with the vocals which are on point!
And then, after a moment of break, ladies and gentlemen, Scarlet Rebels take the stage! The band was formed from the foundations of Welsh rock band VoiD. They have released three official albums under that name, but then in 2018, the band is joined by blistering lead guitarist Chris Jones and on second guitar/keyboards Josh Townshend. So that’s were Scarlet Rebels was born!
“Show Your Colours” is the debut album, showcasing an array of song writing talent, coupled up with real sonic weight, making it a stunning record from start to finish, never losing the focus that the song is always served best.
They introduce themselves to the stage with their lanyard gig passes ready to pretty much blow the roof off this room. The lads wasted no time getting the crowd hyped up as they eased their way into the set.
Tight harmonies and rhythm sections enables us to get comfortable just in time for a timeless guitar solo in “Let Your Love Go”. This is a band that is currently on top of their game, and if you enjoy your rock melodic, catchy and bouncy I strongly recommend you try and catch one of the upcoming shows on this tour.
Following the release of their debut album last year, singer and guitarist Wayne Doyle thanked the familiar faces in the audience for their support. Not to render the fact he has a sculpted voice that can reach notes higher than the gates of Heaven itself.
“Heal” plants Scarlet Rebels into the hearts of the room, pleasantly surprising its listeners with tremolo-soaked guitar and wistful vocals. A sound that instantly transported us back to the 80’s. What an amazing performance!
The now anticipated crowd is grown in size for Revival Black, who knows just how to keep us in the palm of their hands and shake us to within an inch of our lives. Moving non-stop across the stage from the get-go, the five piece is full of fire.
They are a classic sounding hard rock band, striking out Liverpool. They have recently signed to leading management agency TMR and plan a sonic incursion on the public with their forthcoming 10-song debut album, “Step in Line”, released later last year. In this tour, the guys have decided to play the album in full, so you really don’t want to miss that!
The set started with “So Alive” and immidietely the place is jumping. “Hold Me Down” is next, with its sleazy guitar sound and howling vocals. “Give You the World” is slow and easy, slinky and feline; it stuck into your ears and makes your hips move. Follow up with a cover of Deep Purple’s “Burn” segues into their song “The River”, a song with a similar beat. “Wide Awake” is a natural singalong song and the crowd doesn’t disappoint. It also really shows off the power and range of Daniel’s voice. The night finishes with another cover, a version of Creedence’s “Fortunate Son”, which sees the roof of this of this little sweatbox of a venue blown off.
Well done to all three bands, that was an awesome night!