Marc Rizzo and Dead By Wednesday live in Milwaukee 2019

When you take the local Wisconsin metal scene, and combine it with some heavy hitters in the trash and metal world, you have a night of Shred and Dead in the Midwest. On this cool night in October, fans of metal started to slowly fill the small, dimly lit room, where it was about to heat up.
Marc Rizzo and Dead By Wednesday Milwaukee show 2019 poster
Female fronted locals No Light Above took the small makeshift stage first. Kelly and crew came in fast and hard. Guitar melodies, thunderous percussion and screaming vocals tore through the opening act. As they grinded through their set, the fans knew that this was only the beginning.
Squidhammer Metal was next up. As they approached the stage, there was a bit of a sense of wonder when frontman, Jake Hiller came up, he donned a HUGE Bull, or something, skull!! Unique to say the least! As they thrashed about, the music reminded me of old Pantera, which I definitely don’t have a problem with.
Dead By Wednesday showed up to destroy the place! Coming out with the physical energy that matches the energy on their new, self-titled album, I was impressed. Dave and Mike hammered away, while Opus and Rob kept the energy at an intense level. Songs like “You & Die” and “Manimal” crushed things, as well has their take on Van Halen’s “Unchained” and Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction”. You can tell, due to the size constraints of the stage, the guys in DBW looked like caged animals. But they still brought it!
Marc Rizzo got his set rolling, and he was on fire! Covering some of the major metal bands such as Metallica, Sepultura, Slayer and more, Marc intertwined his own original instrumentals which were captivating to say the least. The guys from Dead By Wednesday backed Marc throughout most of his set. Marc really showcased his versatility and musicianship with the song selection that he brought that night.
Although there were some technical difficulties and low lighting, it was an entertaining show. Marc really capped off the night with his mix of covers, and bringing up the other musicians to join in throughout the night. You definitely get a true sense of brotherhood (and sister) when you experience a show like this.