Daxx & Roxane and Collateral live at The Borderline 2019

A line of people stretches out the door and down the pavement in front of The Borderline tonight as fans gather for what is already feeling like a special show. As the legendary London venue is sadly set to close its doors for the last time this summer, it makes it all the more appropriate that the future of rock and roll is being well represented, even if the venues aren’t.
Collateral and Daxx & Roxane London Show 2019 poster
First up are fast rising stars Collateral. This four-piece is currently creating a buzz that can’t be ignored and watching them it’s not hard to see why. Opening their set with the good time riffs of “Big Shot”, the band are flying with frontman Angelo Tristan leading the crowd all the way. Whether it’s the Bon Jovi flavoured ballad of “Going with the Wind” or their new country flavoured number “About This Boy”, the latter from their hotly anticipated debut album. Guitarist Todd Winger shreds though his solo leading into “Promiseland”, while bassist Jack Bentley-Smith and drummer Ben Atkinson keep the rhythm section firmly locked down. Ending with their latest single “Lullaby”, the band takes their well-earned bow. A band to watch… Collateral are definitely heading to bigger places from here.
After a very brief switch-over, the lights go down and the crowd rush back from the bar to watch Daxx & Roxane take the stage. The Swiss rockers have earned themselves a reputation as a brilliant live band and tonight they’re on fire. Frontman and bassist Cédric Pfister is a dynamo on stage, running around the small stage while guitarists Simon Golaz and Cal Wymann trade riffs and solos. Drummer Luca Senaldi is a hard hitting powerhouse and the whole band runs like a well-oiled machine. With a modern hard rock sound the band move from originals like “Ticket to Rock” or their rocking twists on classic like Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”.
While their records sound great, Daxx & Roxane are a band that you need to see live. The energy they give off on stage is amazing they soon have the front row jumping in time to almost every beat. A turbo-charged run through of The Rolling Stones “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” leads us into their own sing along of “Good Vibes” and the crowd is singing along. As their all too brief set draws to a close thank their fans and the venue for having them. While Borderline may soon be another part of London’s musical history, the future of rock music itself is still burning bright.

PS: Special thx to Peter Noble!

PS2: Collateral photos by Robert Sutton, except for photos 14, 15 and 16 by Andras Paul.

PS3: Daxx & Roxane photos by Kriz-p.