Dan Patlansky live in London 2018

Dan Patlansky, hailing all the way from South Africa, is hitting the UK stages in celebration of his recently released album “Perfection Kills”. Dan is a rising star in the blues revival, combining rock with the blues feels to bring it bang up to date. He has taken the blues and soul genre by storm; in 2015 Dan was chosen as Male Artist of the Year by Blues & Soul Magazine.
Dan Patlansky London 2018 poster
The show kicked off with one his older songs, back in 2009, “Love City”, which was met with raucous applause. Dan Patlansky mixed in a range of his new songs, with his old solid classics. The crowd went wild for his top hits, such as “Backbite” and “Sonnova Faith”. It was a real treat to hear some of his tracks from his latest album “Perfection Kills” such as “Johnny”, “Never Long Enough” and “Too Far Gone”.
Dan is famous for his impressive guitar skills on his classic six-string Fender Stratocaster, but also boasts many other enviable talents in singing and song-writing. His vocal range is impressive, hitting the beautiful, soulful blues as well as the raw and emotional power vocals on the rock side. The perfect accompaniment to his bluesy rock instrumentals. His voice is so silky smooth; it can’t help but evoke an emotional response from the crowd.
Dan somehow he effortlessly combines classic soulful blues tunes, with modern angsty and almost psychedelic rock. Reminiscent of some of my favourite great bluesy, rock legends like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. At the age of 30, he has already achieved what would take most blues artists a lifetime to get to. So, I am sure we are going to see some great things in the future from Dan, definitely one to look out for!

PS: Photos by Kriz-p