Collateral live at The Blackheart in London 2019

Founded in 2016, Collateral are a much needed breath of fresh air in the melodic rock scene, almost three years and countless small gigs down the line this young band seem to be on the cusp of great things. With fans and media all packed into the miniscule Black Heart in Camden town for a very special showcase gig to celebrate the launch of their EP.
Collateral London show 2019 poster
As the lights finally go down and the sweaty crowd push forward to see Collateral male their big entrance. The smooth windswept melodies and melodic riffs of “Calm Before the Storm” set the tone perfectly. The tight four piece band has a sound that reminds you of a young Bon Jovi given a good and modern heavy makeover. Bassist Jack Bentley Smith and drummer Ben Atkinson keep the rhythm section locked down tight as a vice on songs like “When Faith Breaks” and “Coming Home”.
“This is a special song to me and I hope will become a special song for you too”, says Frontman Angelo Tristan. With simple melodies and a chorus just begging for arena sing-alongs, “Move on” is Collateral’s power ballad moment.
After guitarist Todd Winger’s brief Van Halen influenced guitar solo, the band kick back into action with a new song from their eagerly anticipated forthcoming debut album. “Promised Land” is a straight to the point 80s rocker with a lively riff and catchy melody. Ending their main set with two more new songs, “Merry Go Round” and “Lullaby”, the band exit to big applause.
Returning for their encore to play their latest single “Midnight Queen”, the band finally take their well-deserved bows. With a show at The Borderline coming up in May and Camden Rocks in June, the future is looking very exciting for Collateral and their followers.
1. Calm Before the Storm
2. When Faith Breaks
3. You Were the Only One
4. Going with the Wind
5. Coming Home
6. Move On
7. Just Waiting For You
8. Promise Land
9. Merry Go Round
10. Lullaby
1. Midnight Queen
PS: Special thx to Peter Noble, Kahmel Farahani (gig review) and Andras Paul (photos)