Baroness live in Tampa, FL, 2019

On Tuesday August 6th, the Grammy award nominated band Baroness brought their tour supporting their newest release Gold & Grey to The Orpheum, in Tampa FL. When a show is scheduled for a Tuesday evening, there is a danger of it being a lightly attended concert. But that wasn’t case tonight.
Baroness US Tour 2019 poster
Baroness’ fans came out in droves to catch their favorite band play. With little fanfare, the band made their way onto the stage. While their entrance may not have been dramatic, from the moment they plugged in their instruments and kicked off the night with “A Horse Called Golgatha”, that’s when the action began. With precision rapid fire riffs things took off. Everyone in the place was enthralled with what they were seeing and just how well-oiled a machine Baroness is.
The intensity they display on stage is awe inspiring. Not only were the harmonies between singer/guitarist John Baizley and fellow guitarist Gina Gleason spot on. Not only were their vocals spot on, but their playing was equally on point too. The rhythm section of bassist Nick Jost, and drummer Sebastian Thomson was brilliant throughout the night. Almost half of their fifteen song setlist came from their latest release “Gold & Grey”, including “Broken Halo”, “Seasons”, “Cold Blooded Angels”, “Tourniquet”, “Can Oscura”, and “Borderlines”.
What had to be the highlight of the show was saved for the final song of the night. When John Dyer Baizley left the stage and returned with a beautiful double neck guitar it only pumped up the crowd further. Then when they broke into “Take My Bones Away”, it thrilled everyone in the place. Every time he hit the chorus the audience would sing along as well word for word. You could tell that the band was digging it as they were beaming at the audience throughout the song.
You couldn’t have asked for a better way to end a show. If you aren’t familiar with them or their music, do yourself a favor and check them out. Their unique blend of metal and progressive rock makes for some amazing music. Then to them play it live will make you truly appreciate their amazing talent and if you haven’t experienced them you will quickly become one of their die-hard fans.