Month: August 2019

Submitted by Admin on Aug 18, 2019
After two days of unpredictable weather and slowly growing mud, the heavens finally opened on Bloodstock Open Air’s final offering of heavy to see Belgian death metal figureheads Aborted play the wettest set at the festival thus far. While the circumstances were not ideal for anyone, Aborted saw… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Aug 17, 2019
Feeling rather rough and exhausted from the previous’ days offering of righteous power metal and blistering thrash (among other things), I fell headfirst out of my tent in Valhalla camp so that I could catch Krysthla on the main stage, which is potentially the smallest act to play BOA since the… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Aug 16, 2019
Since 2015, Bloodstock has grown incapacity, and this year’s event had its fair share of controversies. The most high-profile being the inevitable booking of their first metalcore headliner, Parkway Drive, at the expense of many enraged ‘true metal’ fans, as well as numerous band drop-outs beyond… Read More
Submitted by mark on Aug 10, 2019
Baroness’ fans came out in droves to catch their favorite band play. With little fanfare, the band made their way onto the stage. While their entrance may not have been dramatic, from the moment they plugged in their instruments and kicked off the night with “A Horse Called Golgatha”, that’s when… Read More