Month: February 2019

Submitted by kat on Feb 24, 2019
20 past 8 was when the Southampton/London based Grove Street Families, started soundcheck. In a matter of seconds, a large crowd appeared seemingly out of nowhere, which confirmed that the Grand Theft Auto inspired band have grown a name for themselves, and their performance proved they are not… Read More
Submitted by ellen on Feb 24, 2019
We were all waiting around in baited anticipation, watching for movement by the stage. Then suddenly the lights and music go down, and cheers start calling out. They walked out onto the darkened stage one by one, Satchel and Foxx stand on either side of Stix on raised platforms at the back of the… Read More
Submitted by ellen on Feb 23, 2019
As the red lights flooded the stage and out into the room, we just see the drummer. After a few moments, the rest of the band hit the stage. To the deafening screaming and cheering of their fans, from their first step out on to the stage. Obscura went right up to the front of the stage, and launch… Read More
Submitted by selena on Feb 16, 2019
Buckcherry they have sold out shows across their country and tonight they waste no time in showing everyone that they are all about kicking it off with a cover of “Head Like a Hole” from Nine Inch Nails, which is somewhat unexpected but absolutely loved as opener, I think it gave the right kick to… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Feb 10, 2019
As the lights finally go down and the sweaty crowd push forward to see Collateral male their big entrance. The smooth windswept melodies and melodic riffs of “Calm Before the Storm” set the tone perfectly. The tight four piece band has a sound that reminds you of a young Bon Jovi given a good and… Read More
Submitted by mark on Feb 9, 2019
As Ensiferum took to the stage, to the cheers of the crowd, they were decked out in their trademark face paint and bassist Sami Hinkka was even wearing a kilt! They kicked off their set with “For Those about to Fight” off of their 2017 release “Two Paths”. Wow! Right from the start they sounded… Read More