Two different music eras in one…

GR logoI remember writing about band reunions & comebacks almost a year ago (check it out here) and how things have changed as more and more well-known or underground bands are reuniting these days and start touring and releasing new albums.
To my surprise, after writing the editorial about the “band reunions” that reunion thing has become really huge! There are bands that have returned after 30 years (!) of absence from the music scene with new albums and have started touring as well. That’s great in any way… I mean who wouldn’t like to see one of his favorite gone but not forgotten bands returning today with new music? They even get the chance to see them live, a thing that they were never able to do before.
The only thing that’s rather “strange” is why and under which circumstances all these reunions and comebacks are taking place today. The music business is supposed to have taken the downhill, none makes money out of it, apart from the “big ones” (bands and labels) and touring has taken the lion’s share when it comes to moneymaking from the band and the labels/agencies. Then again, the smaller bands have to pay out of their pocket so as to tour along with bigger names.
Internet and digital music are supposed to have killed the physical products and the need for buying music, as anyone can stream or download (both legally and illegally) a track or an album of their liking.
So, why all this mania of getting back to music business now, and not let’s say 10 or more years ago, when things were supposed to be better? Is this something like a new “80s/90s” era when both new and old bands were competing together in the music business so as to keep all fans happy, both the younger and the old ones? Well why not?!
Personally, I like that all this thing is taking place in our time and I enjoy all the music releases from new and older bands the same. Let’s hope that this is not a “trend” and that it will continue to happen come what may. After all, it is overwhelming so see the old bands shouting they are still alive and ready to take on the world with their music that has inspired all the modern/newest bands of today.
PS1: We will close this year properly and then from 2019, with the new website up, we will put some priorities in the way we do and present things on Grande Rock…
PS2: The Model Spotlight of this month is the sexy Lady Luna. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: It’s been almost two years since Rick Parfitt, the singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter of Status Quo, passed away on Christmas Eve, in 2016, at the age of 68. Rick joined Status Quo in 1967 and stayed with them for 49 years. His only solo album was released in March 2018, after he was no longer with us. Thx for the music Rick… Rest in Peace…