The vanity of the cover songs trend…

GR logoI’ve been keeping an eye on this new “cover songstrend for a while. Yeah, I’m talking about vocal covers, guitar covers or even drum covers. Of course vocal covers have the lion’s share…it’s like watching a web karaoke! Wooah! I mean those who like karaoke may find this thing interesting. Those, like me, who used to get bored by karaoke, won’t like this new trend at all.
The weirdest thing of all is that those cover songs have lots of thousands of views or even millions in some cases! Can you believe that?! Millions views to watch someone singing a well-known rock, metal or pop track! For what reason? To have fun?! People used to have fun doing other things, more imaginative or creative back in the day. A cover song, even if it’s done properly, won’t make you a great or recognizable vocalist, guitarist, drummer, bassist etc.; you need to make your own music so as to make it… you need to be original so as to get a piece of the music pie… no cover freaks will ever make it big. It’s the original music that matters and not the covers, which are done for fun mostly.
On the other hand, there are bands that release original music and new videos and they only get a few thousands (at best) views. So many bands are struggling for more popularity and exposure, but the so called fans prefer to watch a cover song – yeap a person singing in their room in most cases (a web karaoke to be fair), than watching a new video and listening to new music!
Moreover, so as to get more views and make their videos more compelling they have started using the band’s name and song on the title and then, on brackets, that this is a cover. So you see on YouTube something like this: Metallica – Master of Puppets (vocal cover by Xsinger)! But that is totally unethical! It is done intentionally to be higher on the google or YouTube search results! They also use this tactic to cheat a fan so as to watch or click on their video! How do the big bands and labels let this happen?! It’s totally frustrating for the listener and very deceitful! Stop this deceiving trend which is made for the sake of likes and views. It has nothing to do for the love of music and it’s all made for self-exposure and money! Especially those videos that use the big bands’ names on their titles!
This is a trend that will go down sooner or later no matter what, but better get over with it as soon as we can. The music fans and especially the rock/metal ones are not to be deceived by any wannabe “webstar or YouTubestar” these days. The music measure has been lost inside the “likes” and “views” ocean. There’s nothing artistic about it, just a poor webstar’s vanity!
PS: Bands and artists have found a way through live streaming, and it’s doing fine so far, but we need the real gigs back asap!
PS2: After a long time Grande Rock presents a new model – the gothic charm Patricia Absinthe! Check out her interview and photos here.
PS3: This month’s editorial is dedicated to the great bassist & songwriter Pete Way, who passed away on August 14th, 2020, at the age of 69. Pete is best known for his work with UFO, Waysted and Fastway. Pete Way died nearly 2 months after his former UFO (and Waysted) band mate and guitarist Paul Chapman and almost 8 months after keyboardist Paul Raymond. Thx for the music Pete! Rest in Peace…