The streaming era…

GR logoWe’re definitely living in a streaming era! There’s a whole new generation that only knows how to stream music & movies and they’ve even learned how to stream live events now! Can you imagine?! This new generation doesn’t own a record player, a CD-player, let alone a cassette player… not even a DVD player! They only know how to get online and start streaming whatever they wanna watch and listen to.
They own nothing, they have nothing in their possession… they only “borrow” a few minutes or hours from the main online provider to watch and listen to whatever they want and they’re back to absolute zero! Can you imagine their shock when the streaming service provider stops delivering one day?! Wow! There will be absolutely nothing to hold on to. Completely blank! Well, that’s a terrifying scenario, especially for the young generation, who has learned to do almost everything through their smart phones!
Then again, I remember the old times, when we used to wait for an album to be released and we had to go to the nearest Music Store to get it… meet our friends, talk about it, listen to it inside the store and have fun in general. Now all that’s left is streaming an album instantly and send a few emoticons on the social media, so as to get back some as an answer! Well that’s fun huh?!! After all, there are so many emoticons to choose from!
Each era has its ups and downs… but this “strange new era” has started making our lives totally digital… especially due to the covid-19 freak, which has scared the hell out of people. AI is already here, but where’s the HI?!
PS1: Grande Rock is on Spotify at last! After so many requests we decided to make a Spotify account, so as to deliver all the new songs instantly. We share a “Spotify Playlist” every week. So far we have shared 4 Playlists. You can check them out here.
PS2: Grande Rock’s Model Spotlight of the Month is the Sexy Fetish Model Mandy Xotoxic! Check out her interview and photos here.
PS3: The music world has become way poorer after the loss of the irreplaceable guitarist and songwriter Eddie Van Halen at the age of 65, on October 6th, 2020. Apart from the tapping guitar solo technique, Eddie will also be remembered as one of the most innovative guitarists of all time and one of the best songwriters as well. His music legacy with Van Halen will live forever! Thank you for the music Eddie! Rest in Peace…