The internet censorship is here…

GR logoSo, the day has come for a more censored internet! Sounds unexpected or bizarre?! Sure it does but it’s the damn truth and Europe is leading the way! Yeah the European parliament has voted to vastly increase internet censorship. Hence the specific directive is all about the copyright issues, and will enforce the use of so-called upload filters in social media, thus further restricting the internet.
According to Article 17 (formerly Article 13) of the Directive, internet platforms must now ensure that works protected by copyright are not uploaded without permission. This could only be enforced through upload filters, which automatically filter and censor content. End of the game it is then! The internet will be totally controlled by all the multinational corporations who own the major media and they will only have the power to upload, share and publish news and content of their liking from now on. All the small independent internet voices will be lost overnight and some will be bought off by the big media.
The next step is the final approval of the Council (EU Member States) at the Ministerial level that will take place in early April. Click here to read more info about it and how to act so as to stop the internet censorship before it’s too late for everyone.
This is not only about big businesses and multinational co-operations; it is about every internet user who won’t be able to post or share anything anymore without having copyright issues which will eventually lead to deleting and removing those posts. The internet won’t be the same after that and no free and independent voices will be out there to speak their own minds! A censored internet full of silence is what they are trying to do without asking the European citizens and call for a referendum! Do they dare do so…?
PS1: When you do not respect the citizens’ rights this will eventually have a boomerang effect…
PS2: Unfortunately the renowned singer and songwriter Mark David Hollis (Talk Talk) passed way in late February, at the age of 64. Mark is best known for being the lead singer and songwriter for Talk Talk and he has offered us some great tracks that will continue to inspire and entertain all the music fans globally for ages. His facial expressions on the video for “Such a Shame” are simply amazing! Rest In Peace Mark… thx for the music!