So much music...

GR logoThere are times that you wonder why there’s so much music out there. Why are there so many releases by labels & independently each week? Not that this a bad thing or anything, but personally I cannot remember a worst time for music in general which has had so many releases every month.
People (fans) hardly buy any hard copies, or even the digital ones… most of the times they prefer to stream a track or an album (that was not so common in our days) in various music digital platforms (I won’t refer to any, not to make any kind of advertising). So far, so good.
But hey, where are the sales? How many albums do the labels sell each month and from which bands? If we leave the big names aside which have the lion’s share, then what about the thousands other albums that are out each & every month? Do these music labels have a profit out of this and does the same happen with the bands?! If they both still make a living out of it, then it’s fine by me and that’s good news, but do they actually do so?!
Some say that the bands (and the labels along) make money due to the touring. That’s rather OK, but how many fans will a (new) band gather, when its album or EP has sold 100 copies at best? There are bands with long story in the rock/metal music scene that hardly gather more than 300 people in some of their live shows and that’s a shame of course. Anyhow, that’s another big thing that we will deal with in a future editorial.
Closing, I have to say that it’s really incredible how many albums are released each week by all kind of bands in the rock/metal scene. Hope they continue to do so and the fans start or keep on buying those releases, not only the ones from the big names.
PS1: For some time, we will present/review albums that get more than a 6 in our book. We have a pre-listening session and then we decide with which albums will be reviewed afterwards. There are going to be some exceptions, especially for bigger names, but mostly we are gonna follow that kind of policy when it comes to album reviews, due to time limitations.
PS2: Grande Rock’s new Model Spotlight for this month is the kinky blondie Arienh. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: Unfortunately, some months ago guitarist ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke passed away at the age of 67. Eddie was the guitarist for Fastway and Motörhead. He was part of the classic Motörhead line-up and he added his own signature in some classic Motörhead track & albums. Thx for the music Eddie… Rest In Peace…