Music films and trendy publicity…

GR logoThere have always been movies released regarding music bands and artists all these years and if a few among them have gained some popularity for a while, it was just that and nothing more; they’ve become a trend, especially among the people who do not even know what rock & metal music is.
Then again, today’s movies regarding music bands or artists, like let’s say the biographical music film “Bohemian Rhapsody” have really become trendy. Of course the social media, the news media and the entire internet have played a major role on that, compared to the older times when none of that existed. Moreover, it’s to wonder how a film like that ended up being nominated and even won Grammy awards, when other movies of the past (even better ones) never got any reference or publicity. Many people hadn’t even heard of “Behemian Rhapsody” before that film and apart from the 2-3 big Queen hits, they won’t even bother to listen to it again, for as it says on the movie this track ain’t a hit for the radio and that’s true! Let’s hope there won’t be a sequel to that movie, cuz they will ruin the great atmosphere the first one had, even though it could have been more focused on the music part than on Freddie’s personal life… but that’s what the Hollywood’s all about!
The same goes for albums and bands that never get what they deserve while others enjoy the fame, the publicity and praise from the press and the fans, even though they haven’t offered anything innovative and original to the music scene. But that’s another sad story to talk about.
I now remembered the “Rock Star” film, which had such great potential and ended up being a “wretched rock movie” with a social/dramatic Hollywood ending. Talking about today, the Motley Crue movie, “The Dirt” is a movie worth watching, cuz it showcases what was behind the fame and the lights of the Rock Stars of the 80s era… then again, today there are no “Rock Stars” around, like back then and no such “strange” things take place in any way. They all take advantage of the social media so as to make money and have a luxurious living, while the major music labels make the most out of them, before sending them to the recycle bin.
PS1: Got the feeling that after the big success the Queen film had, there are gonna be more films like that coming our way. The film industry is slowly dying and in order to stay intact they are willing to “milk” anything they can.
PS2: The Model Spotlight of this month is the sexy Ashley Duran. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: This month’s editorial is dedicated to the Blue Murder keyboardist Nik Green, who passed away in March 2016, after a battle with cancer. Thx for the music Nik… Rest In Peace…