Music and Politics – separate ways…

GR logoWe’re living in a digital era. Everything is happening so fast and it must be transferred fast as well.
It’s weird how music is being used these days to do politics. Music is an art… then again politics is the “art” of deception and manipulation! Music has nothing to do with politics in general. It has been used and abused by politics quite so many times but they have nothing in common at all! Unfortunately, these days music is being used by some deceivers for their own personal profit. All these thoughts came to my mind when I saw various bands and artists making statements on their social media and on their songs; how good “the political party A” is and how bad “the political party B” is and things like that. It’s outrageous to use the power that music gives you over your own fans, just to tell them what’s good for them and what’s bad. The bands and artists actually use their fans so as to support this “political party” or the other for what reasons? Do they get something from it? Do they do it because they care so much? Where were they the years before – or everything was so great till today?!
It’s impossible not to think that these bands and artists are being used by others more powerful people to do their job for them (or just a part of their job) or simply that the bands/artists are part of something bigger and they’re doing their “evil job” for their own benefit firstly and secondly for their powerful bosses, who are hiding behind the curtain. Either way you see it that’s not what music is all about and all intelligent fans should turn their backs to those bands and artists who are exposed in such a way. Fans are not to be abused so as to achieve their “evil goals”. Music should not be used by anyone in order to do politics, that thing is a hybris!
Musicians and bands always had and will have the right to criticize society, politics, and evil tactics that are against people’s own good and are used for “higher purposes”. That’s totally different from trying to affect your fans’ mind about a political party or against another one. I hope that you get my point. Bands and artists should protest and sing for wars, poverty, starvation, diseases, and all these things that are making people suffer every day, so as to showcase a way that these things should be eliminated by the “powerful ones” at some point. This is the fine line between music and politics… anything else except this is pure politics and not for the weaks’ benefit of course. Music is here to unite us all and not divide us like politics…
PS1: Lets us deal with music and let the fakers deal with politics and fool the masses… each to their own!
PS2: The Model Spotlight of this month is the hot Takha Filatova. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: Regrettably, one of the best rock/metal singers, the great Tony Mills, passed away a few days ago, at the age of 57. I had the chance to talk with Tony a month or so ago and he was a very nice and cool guy in general. He was always kind and friendly, without having any “Rock Star” issues like many other have. Our music will be poorer without Tony… I’m sure he’s somewhere up there with Steve (Harris) making music and jamming like they used to do. Thx for the music Tony… R.I.P.