Merry Xmas & Best Wishes for a Rockin’ 2016!

GR Xmas picAnother year has passed, with its bad & its good times. It’s Xmas time again; time to relax (those who can), re-arrange our thoughts & acts and have some time on our own to do the things we like the most.
In comparison to 2014, I think that 2015 was a better year for the rock & metal music. Specifically, the second part of 2015 was better with lots great releases. Let’s hope it stays this way and 2016 has even more & better releases than 2015. I do not expect much from the co-called “big bands” but I honestly do not care if it’s a “big band” or a newcomer etc. I only care about the music and as long as an album is great then the rest is history!
It is customary to reveal the lists with the Best and the Worst albums of the year, so we will publish our Lists with the Best releases of 2015 shortly. Till then, you can vote for the Best Grande Rock Model for 2015 here. We know that you cherish our Model section, so now it’s the time to show your preference on your beloved GR Rock Lady of 2015!
Moreover, this is the 4rd anniversary since Grande Rock’s comeback in 2011! And honestly each year is way more exciting and interesting than the previous!
PS1: Let’s all enjoy our Holidays and show the world that Music can unite us! We do not need their wars, their hatred & their intolerance. We only need Music to take us higher and complete us…
PS2: The last GR Model for 2015 is the gorgeous & sexy Sancia Shiva. You can read her interview and see her photos here. Vote for your favorite 2015 GR Model here!
PS3: This month’s editorial is dedicated to the great drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor (ex-Motorhead), who passed away a few weeks ago. We’re thankful for what he offered to our beloved music… May He Rest In Peace…