Life, Death & Foolish Acts in Between

Grande Rock logoHow not to comment on the frequency that some Rock Stars & legendary musicians have passed away over the last month or so?! It’s like the “old rock/metal generation” is leaving us for good! And that ain’t a good thing cuz there are not so great rock personalities or songwriters today, like the ones who used to be in the 60s, 70s & 80s. Who can carry on the legacy of those musicians?! I think none!
On the other hand, that’s how life is as the old must be replaced by the new one and this situation carries on. Certainly, the legacy of those legendary musicians will always be there to show the way and lead us when things are not so bright… but we are in need of big personalities and songwriters cuz there will be a serious problem at long last. And I mean musicians who can open new roads to music and make their own way, just like the ones that left, and not the plastic “Rock Stars” of our time that copy the old ones and are totally hollow musically … those wannabe “rock Stars” were baptized so by the Media which control the way we listen to music, we eat, we sleep, we make love and we live in general. Do you find any similarities between the “old rock/metal” generation and the new one, cuz I do not!
Other than that, it seems that a lot of people got pissed off and were offended by Phil Anselmo’s behavior lately. What he did was sloppy & stupid… but what he also did later, when he released a video saying he was sorry about it, was also very brave & mature. If you see the video you’ll understand that he has totally regretted it and he is not doing it just for the sake of it. And it takes guts to say you’re sorry and that you deserve all this negativity. It’s also weird to hear musicians and fans that would beg for a photo with Phil, they would even beg to have him in their album or be part of a tour with him or play at their festival to talk shit about it like he’s nobody. I’ve also read that a couple of festivals have cancelled Down’s appearance due to Phil’s incident. How hilarious is that! The same guys who were begging him to play on their festivals and advertised his band among the top bands are now cancelling his show. I really do not know if they have added Phil’s band to the festival due to the music or his political/whatever ideas. Was he going to give a lecture there or play some damn music?! That’s another way to get exposure, right? By destroying your idols and trash-talking in public about them... That’s also a way to show how little you are and you have also got lots of complex to take care of. I’m not standing up for Phil – after all I had never been a die-hard Pantera or Down fan… I’m just talking generally about a “sick situation”, given the chance by Phil’s incident. That’s all.
Music, at least in the way that the normal people feel it, has nothing to do with politics, military shit and political & economic ideologies. So those who used it for such reasons should be left aside. Then there are some who try to provoke with their behavior and do stupid things in order to get people and media attention. And there’s the opposite way when negative exposure takes over.
PS: The global economy is balancing on a knife-edge… there are only a couple of ways to fix things at this point… the politicians have proven dishonest… they are a bunch of cold-blooded killers that only care about numbers – so what’s left for people to do now?!!
PS2: The GR Model of February is the sexy Marie Chapel. Check out Marie’ pics and interview here.
PS3: Unfortunately, in early 2016 another legendary Rock Star passed away – the one and only David Bowie. David had influenced by his attitude, style and music the fashion as well… apart from the music of his age. He was an iconic personality of the 70s and his music legacy means a lot to us. May He Rest In Peace… He will be absolutely missed! Music is way poorer without David!