Full of oneself...

Grande Rock logoSomething very wrong is going on with the “music industry” these days. And by “music industry” or “music scene” if you prefer, I mean the DIY or independent bands that are increasingly releasing albums every so often. I do know how hard things are when an independent band has a new album out and how difficult it is to be reviewed or thoroughly presented in webzines, ezines or magazines. That’s the one side of the story.
The other side is that the majority of those “indie” bands do not have what it takes to make it and I’m not referring to their music only. Some tey have nice songs and others not so fine ones. I’m referring to the bands that have some good tracks and all they gotta do is “promote” their stuff. Here starts the “weird thing”.
If any of those bands starts having quite some “Likes” on their FB, or some thousands “Views” on their Youtube and give a couple of live gigs, then they immediately consider themselves to be the “new big thing” and they begin having “Rock Star” attitudes out of nowhere. But why’s that? Is it due to their vanity and their “hollow personalities” or what?
99% of those cases will screw any chances they have to make something good and they will tragically fail eventually. 1% will make it to the next level but their “attitude” will also block them at long last.
It’s really strange to see a newcomer begging for some help & promotion and after a while act like they do not care, like they are the biggest Rock Stars ever, and you should ask for their attention! Eventually, things turn the right way and they are again at point zero asking for promotion but without having that “Rock Star” attitude/behavior anymore cuz they have faced the cruelty of the music biz that’s not doing any favors and does not forgive any “weird behaviors” from bands and musicians that do not have what it takes to think big.
PS: Spring is officially here now! How about that! Summer is coming too! The more sun we have the better we are! Rock on!!!
PS2: The GR Model Spotlight of March is the hot Miss Tequila. Check out MissT’s pics and interview here.
PS3: Unfortunately, a few weeks ago the great bassist & songwriter Jimmy Bain suddenly passed away. Jimmy had played along with some legendary musicians like Ritchie Blackmore, Dio, Gary Moore & Phil Lynott. May He Rest In Peace…