The European Union in Crisis...

GR logoWell, what’s with all that madness about the Brexit? Why are people so into it? We all know that the European Union is not what it was meant to be and it was just a matter of time to be broken into pieces again. After all, musically speaking, the UK was always apart from Europe… just see some press releases saying this band announces a UK Tour and a European Tour. You see the “European Tour” didn’t mean that the UK was in it – as it should have been – but they made a specific reference to the UK Tour. And that thing didn’t happen in the last couple of years but as long as I’ve been running Grande Rock, for 15 years or more now. I can’t speak for the years before that but I think things weren’t any different. Want one more example to get it?
Moreover, just keep in mind that almost every band/artist has a different PR agency in the UK and a different one for the rest of Europe. How about that?! It ain’t bad or anything like that, but it just shows that the guys are taking care of the music things themselves without mixing it up with the rest of Europe. After all, the UK is a really big union so it makes sense in a way…. I just do not see why all this craziness about the Brexit that their people decided. The have their own currency, they take care of their own things so they decided to be on their own and that should be respected. Honestly, I do not think that anything will change regarding the music, for I cannot talk (and I do not want to) about politics and other nonsenses like these.
Music should unite people from all over the world and so it does. That won’t change due to a Brexit or a Grexit or anything like that. We do not care about any political games, we simply want to have the freedom (we’ve gained over the years) to do things our way and support our beloved music. Musicians should be away from politics in general… just imagine how things could have been if musicians ruled this world!!!
PS: This will be the editorial for both July & August as we used to do since we return almost 5 years ago.
PS2: GR’s Spotlight Model for June is the hot & sexy actress & model Kimber Starlette. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: This month’s editorial is dedicated to the Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, who passed away a couple of months ago. Glenn was not only part on one of the most lengedary bandsa veer in rock music but he has written & co-written some really great tunes all those years. We are grateful for his offering to rock music… My He Rest In Peace…