About the Greek rock & metal scene...

GR logoWell it’s one of these times again, when a conversation ends up in total confusion as you do not know what’s exactly the mistake that needs to be fixed and who’s to blame at all. I had a conversation the other day with a friend of mine about the Greek rock/metal scene and we were talking about why the Greek scene never managed to break its barrier and evolve like the Italian one, let’s say. The Italian scene wasn’t chosen in luck, but due to the reason that those two scenes (apart from being neighboring) had some similarities back in the day.
If you wanna name a few Greek rock/metal bands that made the Greek scene known abroad, you’ll end up naming the same bands that we are used to naming almost 20 or 30 years ago! Why’s that? What happened in the meantime? Why are those “big Greek bands” still leading the way and no successor has been found yet? I mean real successors that will have the same impact and album sales like those bands, not the successors that the Greek magazines and webzines find every once in a while just to get more advertisements and retain their vanity.
Where are the big rock/metal music labels?! What the hell has happened? We had at least one very big music label and it vanished suddenly – not to mention the rumors (?) that accompanied it. Anyhow, now there are only a few Greek music labels, which hardly make it through the day, trying hard to release a handful of albums every month.
The two basic pylons of the Greek rock/metal music are not that solid. It’s kinda extraordinary to have great expectations of a scene that has very gifted musicians to compete the other scenes of the other European countries. I won’t even mention the other side of the Atlantic. So the question still remains… what’s the problem and the Greek rock/metal scene hasn’t evolved over the years and, apart from some specific Greek bands, it’s not so known abroad on the whole?
Some say that the Greek musicians do not support one another and that the Greek fans do not support the scene at all. OK, let’s say these things are correct. Are these the only reasons why the Greek rock/metal scene has stayed behind all these years? So when we start supporting the bands and the Greek musicians come to some sort of realization, everything will come up roses? Can’t you see that there’s something more than that? And please do not get me started with the so called economic crisis and the austerity measures, cuz the problem was there way before that “deliberate crisis”.
The Greek rock/metal scene is suffering from the narcissist or in other words the “Rock Star” syndrome. The bands firstly have in mind the fame and fortune they can make through music and then comes the music itself… which is a part of art and not a piece of shit as it has ended up being today. You can’t be a “Rock Star” before you work hard, evolve and cross your own music barriers. After all, our time has no “Rock Stars” in the way they were in the 70s or 80s. The majority hasn’t realized yet that music is the only thing that matters in general.
The Greek magazines and webzines must also be blamed for that major downfall. And I’m talking in full realization. Those so called “journalists” have caused a major issue to the Greek rock/metal bands over the years. They only have in mind how to get more out of the whole situation and nothing else. So they end up “licking” some bands, presenting them as “the new Gods” to the Greek audience and that’s all, till the next “big thing” appears. They enjoy hanging out with the bands/musicians they praise and they make fun on the Greek fans who they consider sheep that do not know anything and they act & do as they command – that’s an actual phrase by someone of the “great Greek rock/metal journalists”…
I cannot say that they are wrong on that thing cuz people tend to be affected by “anything big and fancy” but that’s not a situation that cannot be changed. It’s how fast or not the fans comprehend such a thing and how they will react afterwards.
Add the Greek rock/metal clubs as well, which have been reduced over the last years. They follow the same recipe. The musicians, the press and the clubs/bars are all one major part of the Greek music scene which care about their own benefit and they do not let the Greek scene progress and go to the next level. They believe that the Greek rock/metal scene and anything that has something to do with it, is their own possession and they have the given right (by whom?) to do as they please with it.
PS: I won’t go into an in-depth analysis of the Greek rock/metal scene and the major issues it has been facing over the years… the text above is only the top of the iceberg and I’m sure many will feel “weird” when they read these words; also, various will realize that things aren’t always the way they seem and we cannot always blame others for the things that happen in our “home”.
PS2: The sweet & sexy Dementia is our Model Spotlight of this month. Enjoy her pictures & read her interview here.
PS3: This month’s editorial is dedicated to the great vocalist Cory Wells one of the three singers of Three Dog Night, who passed away a couple of weeks ago. We are thankful for all those wonderful tunes he offered us over the years. May He Rest In Peace…