A farewell to the King…

GR logoThe news of the passing of Rush’s drummer & lyricist, Neil Peart, caused a worldwide sadness, especially to the rock community. Neil was the drummer that made the fans pay attention to his way of playing (especially those who had the chance to see him live) due to his proficient drum technique.
It was a time when big Prog Rock bands were on the rise and Rush wanted and managed to be part of that… due to their first album with Neal, the amazing “Fly by Night” (1975), which won the “Juno Award” for most promising new act! The big breakthrough for Rush came with the monumental “2112”, which is still considered a millstone for (Prog) Rock music in general. After the release, Neal had the chance to play at Massey Hall in Toronto (a place he had been dreaming of since his early days) and that was the first time when he was introduced by Geddy Lee as “The Professor on the drum kit”!
The tragic family incidents that he went though, marked him deeply as a person and musician and made him retire for a while, till he got married again and had another child.
Neil had been suffering from chronic tendinitis and shoulder problems for years, but the major health issue he had, was kept secret for over 3 years. Unfortunately, Neil Peart died from glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, on January 7, 2020. It is true that rock music became poorer from that day. Neil will never die, cuz his huge music legacy, drum technique and though-provoking lyrics will always be there to inspire new musicians so as to start playing and writing music. The King is dead… long live the King!
PS1: As of now there won’t be any monthly Models to Grande Rock. We may add a Model from time to time, but it won’t be our priority, cuz there have been some issues lately that made us reconsider some things.
PS2: It is more than obvious that this editorial is a tribute to the one and only Neil Peart. There are no words to describe his influence to (prog) rock music in general and we can’t thank him enough for this! Rest In Peace Neil…