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Wolfheart to release new studio album “Wolves of Karelia” on April 10th 2020

Finnish heavy melodic death metal unit Wolfheart are back with their most commanding offering yet. The four-piece Nordic machine returns with their highly-anticipated new full-length masterpiece, “Wolves of Karelia”, set for release on April 10th, 2020, via Napalm Records.


You are halfway through a 6 week tour supporting Carach Angren, how is this going, how have the fan reactions been so far?

Wolfheart release live video for “Everlasting Fall”

Wolfheart took a short break from their extensive touring in 2018, just to put the recorded live video material together to a nine-minute-long live video for their epic album opener “Everlasting Fall”.

Taken from their last release “Constellation of the Black Light”, the video leads you right into the grim coldness of Finland, performed in hot concert halls.

Watch the full video below.

Wolfheart release music video for second single “The Saw”

The wolves just released the second single, “The Saw”, from their upcoming album last Friday via Napalm Records.

It’s the second part of the story about the “Constellation of the Black Light” and it is a very dark and brutal one.

Today Wolfheart releases the official music video to “The Saw” that will freeze the blood in your veins.

Check out the video below.

Wolfheart release official video for “Breakwater”

After releasing “Breakwater” as a digital single on all streaming platforms last Friday, the wolves around mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen didn’t just return to their den.

Today Wolfheart unveils the result of their long journey into the ice and snow of Iceland’s glaciers to record the official music video. Here you can see the final result. It is the start of the story, telling about the “Constellation of the Black Light”.

Wolfheart to release new studio album “Constellation of the Black Light” on September 28th 2018

The Wolves strike back with their long awaited 4th full length studio album “Constellation of the Black Light”, which will be released on September 28th, 2018, via Napalm Records.

Wolfheart’s music embraces the sheer force and beauty of Finnish nature with fiery passion. After the success of their first three albums that all hit the Top 10 in the Finnish album charts, among them their last album Tyhjyys that charted in Switzerland as well, the time has come to unleash the next masterpiece of raw Winter Metal! “Constellation of the Black Light” comes with seven tracks that dive headfirst into Black Metal, Nordic Death Metal, soaring melodies and complex arrangements.

Wolfheart signs with Napalm Records

It is with great pleasure that Napalm Records can announce the signing and partnership with one of Finlands most talented bands - Wolfheart.

Tuomas Saukkonen and his bandmates share the same passion for nature, particular the frosty cold winters of the northern world accompanied with beautiful and epic melodic death metal. Metal fans who traditionally enjoy the likes of Moonsorrow, Insomnium, Be'lakor and early Amorphis will find with Wolfheart their new favorite band.

“Tuomas and Wolfheart welcome to the Napalm family”, states Sebastian Muench, A&R Napalm Records.

Wolfheart to release new studio album “Tyhjyys” on March 3rd 2017

Wolfheart have revealed a new single/video for “Boneyard”, which can be watched below.

The single paves way to “Tyhjyys”, the band’s 3rd full-length, which will be released on March 3rd, 2017, via Spinefarm Records with the following track-listing.

01. Shores of the Lake Simpele
02. Boneyard
03. World on Fire
04. The Flood
05. The Rift
06. Call of the Winter
07. Dead White
08. Tyhjyys