Blut unveil visualizer video for “1 The Magician”

Italian-Swiss gothic metallers Blut unveil the visualizer video for the song “1 The Magician”. The track is taken from the new album “Hermeneutics”.
Watch the video for “1 The Magician” below.
Before the album the eponymous book written by Alessandro Schümperlin, singer and songwriter, will be released. Pre-orders are available now on Amazon.

Paul Roland with Mick Crossley - Grimmer Than Grimm

Paul Roland is an interesting case. An eclectic songwriter and performer, that transcends categorization as his music dwells between psychedelia, baroque, pop, folk, gothic, rock… you name it. Far too often inspired by classic literature, horror stories, the occult and paranormal, he does so, not in light “theatrical” way, despite his music having great atmosphere and theatricality. A person who’s explored and written about the paranormal and an author himself, he has a certain authority on the matter.

Damned Pilots sign with Sliptrick Records

Damned Pilots announce the release of their new CD “Overgalaxy” via Sliptrick Records due to be available in Winter 2016.

“Overgalaxy” is a steam punk concept album, as drummer/founder Don Nutz says: “... it is built on the story of four cartoon characters, The Damned Pilots Don Nutz, Sgt Ote, Willer Hertz and Erik Space. They travel through space in the year 2500 A.C. on a 1970s hippy van customized to fight against their archenemy Gorguss and his evil empire”.

Bella D - The Crystal Ceiling

Props to Bella D, who turned her story of overcoming aggressive cancer into conceptual song and visual art... for being able to fend off that terrible disease that has claimed and keeps claiming a lot of people around the world, young and old alike.
Now as an artist Bella D has a big, produced sort of symphonic sound that mixes rock and some electronic orchestrations into a style that she rounds off with some steam-punk inspired visual/aesthetics.

Pyogenesis announces 2016 German Tour Dates & Festival appearances

Great news and new tourdates for all the German and Bulgarian Pyogenesis fans, who missed to see the band live last year!

The band has announced the tour dates for Summer & Fall 2016.

Pyogenesis will also play a couple of shows together with the amazing Life Of Agony!

Tour Dates 2016:
08.07.2016 GER Nordheim Sunstorm Festival
09.07.2016 GER Bochum ZecheBochum*
11.07.2016 GER Augsburg Kantine Augsburg*
12.07.2016 GER Saarbrücken Garage Saarbrücken*
13.07.2016 GER Herford X-Herford*
15.07.2016 GER Bochum Bochum Total
05.08.2016 GER Wacken Wacken Open Air

Bella D to release “The Crystal Ceiling” on May 13th 2016

Steampunk-inspired symphonic rock songstress Bella D has been making serious waves in the club scene for years, but 2016 sees her musical story art finally put to paper - literally - as well as in album form. Joined by today's top musicians recognized for working with multi-platinum artists such as (but not limited to) Taylor Swift, Blondie, Avril Lavigne, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and David Guetta, musical artist Bella D weaves gripping storytelling with unforgettable rock anthems on her long-awaited concept album, “The Crystal Ceiling”.

Pyogenesis - A Century in the Curse of Time

Pyogenesis is one of the weirdest bands out there, beginning as death metal they increasingly added gothic and pop elements, jumping after their first album on Osmose to Nuclear Blast, who mind you, wasn’t the behemoth that it is today (releases like Therion’s “Theli” and the Nightwish albums really propelled it to where it is today) so sometime towards the end of the 90s, in 1997 I think they released the ludicrously shifty album called “Unpop”, with a couple of members then leaving the band to create “Liquido, the band that did have only one hit with “Narcotic” and then pretty much disappeared down the annals of history.

Dismal - Giostra di Vapore on December 9th 2013

Italian’s dark outfit DISMAL will release their new album, “Giostra di Vapore”, on December 9, 2013 via Aural Music/Dreamcell11.
“Giostra di Vapore” is the new gothic fairy tale by DISMAL. A band’s maturation leading to an evolution of the style introducing victorian steampunk atmospheres. Music which produced the mind’s theater between times of waltz and tango. The musical structure, as in Gothic architecture, plays on thin emotional balances between electronics and orchestrations. An introspective concept which blends the present, the ancient and the future. The effort will be available on CD and by digital download.