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Enablers to release new studio album “Zones” on June 14th 2019

Zones”, the sixth studio full-length from San Francisco’s long-running quartet, Enablers, is confirmed for release on June 14th, 2019. The album is set for a vinyl release through a three-way label cooperation between Germany’s Exile On Mainstream, UK-based Lancashire & Somerset, and US-based Broken Clover Records.

Watch the video for the lead single, “Bill, In Consideration”, below.

Listener announces March 2018 European & UK Tour

Listener have finished their new, fourth album. And everyone knows how time goes by, waiting for something.

So that this not too long, the three guys from Kansas publish a series of four different 7inch in advance. Two of them appear on Black Basset, a fine label from Belgium and two on Sounds of Subterrania. These are limited to 500 for Europe and 500 for America.

Being Empty: Being Filled Vol. 3” will be released today on November 17th, 2017, at Sounds of Subterrania.

And why not seize the opportunity right now and announce the dates for the European tour next year? Here you can see the dates presented by Visions.

The Chasing Monster - Tales - Today, Our Last Day on Earth

The Chasing Monster is a newcomer from Italy, which was formed in 2014. In the same year they released their eponymous EP. They kept performing, writing and evolving as a band and during 2015 they released three new singles, which showcased the band’s new music direction. In 2017 the time was right for the band to release their debut album, “Tales”.