Project Mama Earth to release debut EP “Mama Earth” on November 10th 2017

Preparation is overrated. Impulse is everything. Such was the rebellious wisdom that drove the sessions for Project Mama Earth’s astonishing debut EP. In June 2017, five world-renowned musicians met in Devon England for a high-wire act unique in modern music.

They had no songs. No chord charts. No game plan. No safety net. Nothing, in fact, but a plan to play and catch the sparks.

Ikaros Records/Vinyl Monster

Hi Lefteris... How did the store start?
L: The shop opened its doors in 2001. It was run by me and my brother who has also owned Ikaros Music since 1992. It was very different back then, we only had computer supplies and, of course, vinyl accessories. In 2006 we divided the tasks, I run the retail store and my brother is in charge of the wholesale.
How did you decide to start a record store?

Richie Kotzen - Salting Earth

Kotzen is an unsung hero, a guitar slinger that’s multifaceted as he’s capable both as a performer as well as a composer, who doesn’t feel compelled to just show off, for no reason; twenty one solo albums later and a career that has taken him high and low, “Salting Earth” doesn’t have jack to prove.
“End of Earth” is well meant vintage rock with bluesy licks and a neat, meaty solo outro…
“Grammy” is a playful acoustic number, possibly a little tongue in cheek about a million other guys having a Grammy but not him. It’s almost written like a love song, haha.

Hackney Colliery Band to release “Live” on May 12th 2017

After the stunning success of their critically-acclaimed third album “Sharpener”, London’s brass juggernauts Hackney Colliery Band blaze back onto the scene with their first live album, released on May 12th, 2017, via Veki.

With BBC Radio 2 describing them as “one of the best live bands we have in this country”, their live shows have become legendary, selling out venues across the UK and Europe, and playing main stage festival shows (Womad, Wilderness, Love Supreme, Field Day) to huge popular and critical acclaim.

Magma to perform at the Olympia in Paris on February 2nd & 3rd 2017

Paris, France - Bands and trends might come and go, but some of it is meant to stay. Far beyond a mere jolt to the music world or a fad phenomenon, Magma imposed themselves as early as the 1970's thanks to their unconventional and cliché-free approach to music. An unparalleled music, which is as violent as it is clever. Founded by drummer and singer Christian Vander, the band quickly set itself apart from its contemporaries through heavy and ruthless polyrhythmic beats. With a wide range of contemporary musical greats at his side, Vander remains a fine mentor from the likes of Miles Davis.

Magma announces North American Spring Tour 2016

Paris, France - One of music's most innovative and eclectic ensembles Magma will tour North America beginning in March 2016! Swirling riffs in odd time signatures, theatrical choir arrangements, heavy and distorted pulsing bass guitar, bombastic and minimalistic (sometimes both at the same time), dark and brooding, adventurous and angelic, jazzy or classical, but always with the highly innovative and original drums of founder and main composer Christian Vander. On the forthcoming US dates the legendary ensemble will be performing selections of new and classic Magma music!

Richie Kotzen - Cannibals

Richie Kotzen needs no special introduction as he is already a very successful and celebrated guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. He has played with Poison and Mr. Big and he recently formed Winery Dogs along with the fabled bassist Billy Sheehan and the eminent drummer Mike Portnoy.