The Fusion Syndicate - New Prog Supergroup

One of the most amazing collection of jazz-fusion and progressive rock legends ever to assemble on one CD has happened with the new release by The Fusion Syndicate, available October 16, 2012 on Purple Pyramid Records.
Brought together by multi-instumentalist, producer Billy Sherwood (Yes, CIRCA:), who gave us the fascinating release by the Prog Collective earlier this year. Now, Billy has produced, recorded and written tracks for a new jazz-rock-fusion supergroup of musical virtuosos – The Fusion Syndicate!

Donnie Vie - Wrapped Around My Middle Finger

The songwriter/vocalist of Enuff Z’nuff, Donnie Vie, has a new album out. Donnie now delivers laid back pop/rock tunes with some classic rock and modern influences.
There are some quite easy-listening songs to find here, if you like this kind of music… and also, the production is smooth and clear… giving a more popish sense to the whole work. Rather relaxed pop/rock tunes with acoustic guitars and nice vocals… proper for those that still fancy 70s rock music (but with a more modern direction here) and bands like The Beatles.