White Pigeon - Property of White Pigeon

Starting out in 2009 by Chris Nugent in Guildford, UK, White Pigeon soon took shape by adding the drummer Joe Yoshida, the guitarist Jon Antony, the bassist Eoghan Logue and the charming twin vocalists Nathalia and Natascha Sohl on its ranks. Natascha had previous music experience as she had released various singles and two full-length albums in the past. Anyhow, White Pigeon are moving around Chris, as he is the mastermind and the songwriter.

The Darkness - Hot Cakes

Formed in 2000… they suddenly met success with the two albums they managed to release and then in 2005, they broke up. Some of us thought that it was forever and felt kinda relief but… unfortunately, they’re back with a new album which is… like the previous two and overall, it is offering nothing at all!
I do not know how and why they became so successful and made so much money out of nothing… but that’s a great example of how music business works nowadays; if you do not have what it takes to make it big… just the right promotion & advertising from a big label and you can actually be a Rock Star.

Tenacious D - Rize of the Fenix

I still remember the hilarious movie called “The Pick of Destiny” back in the day. It was odd, bizarre, sarcastic, satirical and funny… specially made for metalheards or rockers that live in their own music world. Jack and Kyle are like us the fans… they love to rock, like to party and mostly, they fancy to listen to rock/metal music all day long. Tenacious D are standing… somewhere near Steel Panther… not so sex maniacs & pussy worshipers as their fellows in SP… but still not far away from the rock & roll philosophy. If you do not like Steel Panther then you’re not gonna stand the D for a minute and vice versa…