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Metal Allegiance to release new studio album “Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty” on September 7th 2018

Metal Allegiance began as a celebration of heavy metal, powered by the almost tribal bond shared between the extreme music community‘s most revered trailblazers, armed with a list of contributors onstage (and off) that read like a Wikipedia entry on the genre itself.

The band is proud to announce the release of their sophomore album “Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty” on September 7th, 2018, via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

The thrash worshiping album merges old-school legends with the modern metallers of the scene to produce groove driven, adrenaline soaked anthems while tackling the frustrating state of the world.

Dream Tröll

Hello Matt Baldwinson & Paul Carter and welcome to Grande Rock! Thank you for joining us today! First of all, how did the stupendously wondrous name Dream Tröll come about? (It’s up there with Finland’s The Wandering Midget as far as super amusing monikers go!)…
Paul C: When the first album was getting close to being finished, we had the hard decision of naming the band. We had decided long before this that we wanted to grab people’s attention, and we needed a name that straddles the boundary between “Serious and Fun”.

Dream Tröll - The Witch’s Curse

Oh boy! Dream Tröll has done it again; that is, fully captured my mind and spirit with its fuzzy brand of tingling, upbeat and fantastical power meets traditional metal, which only gets better and more invigorating with every listen. While the Leeds, England based quintet sent me spiralling into a veritable whirlwind of joy and revelry with its full-length debut, “The Knight of Rebellion” (released last year under Stormspell Records, one of my preferred record labels), its follow-up three track EP, (released on Feb 2nd), has further blown me away as it sounds even fresher and more verbose than its stellar predecessor.

Dream Tröll to release “The Witch’s Curse” EP on February 2nd 2018

After the success of their 2017 debut album, “The Knight of Rebellion”, British epic metallers, Dream Tröll, are set to release their new concept EP “The Witch’s Curse” on February 2nd, 2018: A three-part story of endless torment and revenge.

Watch the video for the new track “The Battle for Enki’s Tower”, below.

Pre-order the EP here (free poster with CD pre-order).

1. In the Name of Isabella        

Air Raid - Across the Line

Man oh man! It’s always an enriching treat to witness a metal band’s rise from obscurity to excellence; such is the case with Gothenburg’s Air Raid, which at the end of September released its most flavourful and stellar album yet, “Across the Line”, on CD under the venerable High Roller Records, as well as Spiritual Beast in Japan. Featuring its third front man in as many full-lengths in Fredrik Werner (still active in Osukaru) and a new, flamboyant shred master in Magnus Mild, Air Raid has come a long way from its humble beginnings and “Danger Ahead” EP, which, while still respectable, failed to firmly establish the Swedes' as a serious traditional heavy metal contender.

Funeral Nation announces March 2017 US Tour

Chicago, Illinois' thrash/black metal act Funeral Nation has announced “The Second Abomination” North American tour, kicking off on March 4th, 2017, in Chicago.

The support, on the selected days, comes from Sacrificial Blood. Furthermore Funeral Nation unveils that their new self-titled EP is to be released on this tour! Check out the dates and details below.

The band stated:

Ross The Boss announce new line-up and Spring 2017 European & UK Tour

“Ross The Boss” Friedman, on lead guitar and co-founder of Manowar, launches “The Discipline of Steel” 2017 world tour with Mike LePond on bass (Symphony X), Kenny “Rhino” Earl on drums (ex-Manowar) and Marc Lopes on vocals (Let Us Prey).

The tour begins in Mexico and Central America where the Ross The Boss Band will headline 2 metal festivals, performing a classic Manowar set. Twenty-five dates in Europe are scheduled in March and April, including an iconic tour of England, where years ago, Ross Friedman began the metal onslaught. The earth will rumble and the momentum will continue through the summer and fall festival calendar.

Cerebus returns & announces two CD re-issues

It came as a shock to many in the metal underground when cult U.S. heavy metal band from North Carolina Cerebus was announced this weekend to play “Legions of Metal Festival” 2017 in Chicago.

The news of the band's return spread quickly around the globe through social media and was met with much excitement by fans who had almost given up hope that they would ever see the band surface again.

For years the name Cerebus has been highly regarded in the scene and their “Too Late to Pray” album greatly praised by fans and critics alike.